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Horoscope of Death – Charles E.O. Carter The Death Is Not the End...I Published: 1st May, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić



Horoscope of Death – Charles E.O. Carter
The Death Is Not the End...

Water is the structure the death, the birth and conception happen in – the end of one and the beginning of the other…

 The thing that the first breath i.e. the start of life and the last breath i.e. the end of life have in common is – the same ruling planet. From the perspective of tropical, modern astrology, Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio, i.e. the first and the eighth sign within Zodiac. In the first sign (Aries) we take the first breath, and in the eighth sign (Scorpio) our last breath happens, the death. From the perspective of traditional astrology, using the so-called Chaldean system of planet motion (from the slowest to the fastest, i.e. from Saturn to Moon) - the first (Ascendant – the first breath, the start of life) and the eighth house (the last breath, the death, the end) of the horoscope are ruled by the same planet – Saturn!
It is interesting that from the perspective of karmic astrology then Mars is today’s Saturn or more precisely – action (Mars) creates the consequence (Saturn). Today’s Saturn in one’s chart depicts the actions from the previous life. In other words, the position of Saturn at the end of life is very important for it shall point out what is it pulling the Soul, where is the gravity pulling it. And what is gravity or Saturn if not falling? We start with Mars – we throw something and it goes and falls, and when it has fallen it is the end. It is necessary to assess how the fall went: was it clean, easy fall or was it pulling something else along (if Saturn or its dispositor has challenging aspects with something). We are primarily interested in the quality of that Saturn in the moment of death – how much damage it made, for that implies the remaining debt, that the person did not fulfill what he should have or could have. Also important is the mundane position of Saturn in the moment of death: how favorable it is, if it is more favorable than the position of natal one. 

From the position of Saturn we assess evolution, one’s further road, where one is going and what will happen in the sense of the next incarnation, for the end of something is the beginning of something else. Water is the structure the death, the birth and conception happen in – the end of one and the beginning of the other. So, the end in one life is very much connected to the beginning in the other life, and the horoscope of death describes the general atmosphere in which one leaves this and enters another life.  

When Charles Carter died, Mercury just started its retrograde motion on that day from 1º Scorpio 10’ (October 4, 1968, 04:30 pm, London, UK– the source for death chart is www.astro.com). Asc was at 9º Aquarius 15’. My natal Sun is at 9º Aquarius 16’, the ruler of the intercepted Leo in 9th house (foreigners) and it is in my 3rd house (writing). This was the first thing that got my attention, except the fact that he has a birthday one day after mine (his was on January 31, mine is on January 30), and we were not born on the same year, of course. Also, we both have the South Node at the end of Aquarius, his being at 28º Aquarius and mine at 29º Aquarius.

But, at 27º Aquarius there is Asc of Victor Olliver (the editor of The Astrological Journal). Very close to that, or more precisely at 26º Aquarius, there is Carter’s Venus. When somebody puts his South Node on your Ascendant – that person came in this life to change you and give you a great lesson. The South Node has the symbolism of the series 11, the sign of Aquarius, Uranus, 11th house and it always describes the incarnation before the last. The South Node simply swallows” and changes the person. Further on, my Moon is at 15º Cancer, and the Moon contains all memories of the Soul, while Carter’s Saturn is at 17º Cancer. Whenever somebody puts the Saturn on one of yours personal planets or lights, you should know that you owe something to Saturn’s owner. At the same time, you have the strong need to give. So, I have a karmic debt to Carter, for sure. What about transit Saturn on the day of his death? As we can see, it was at 22º Aries and it was retrograde, exactly squaring his MC at 22º Cancer, and also his IC at 22º Capricorn. In other words, it was squaring the axis 4/10, indicating that at the time of his death Carter left something unfinished related to his carrier, something that was interrupted half way through…  

Dispositor of that retrograde Saturn at 22º Aries is Mars at 8º Virgo – the position of my Jupiter on my MC! Did this man somehow indebted me from the start? My Jupiter line goes through the city I love very much, through Athens, and recently I used the name of goddess Athens when founding my astrological association. Not to mention that the founding of my magazine (IAM) event happened under the Athens’ skies, in Greece…  

It is known that Charles Carter was the President of The Astrological Lodge of London. London Lodge called the magazine named The Quarterly Magazine founded in 1926, its first child. Namely, Carter first started publishing the magazine Uranus in 1923, and later it became The Quarterly Magazine. Carter was also the first director of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, which is actually the second child of London Lodge. Also, Charles Carter will be remembered for correctly predicting in 1955 that his death would have happened during 1968!

I founded Infinity astrological magazine on May 19, 2015. My progressed Moon was then at 22º Libra, just had crossed 21º Libra where my Pluto is, the ruler of my Asc. My Solar Arc Venus was at 22º Aries, while Solar Arc Moon was at 21º Leo, at Carter’s Sun from his 12th Harmonic (horoscope of the future life). Victor Olliver joined my magazine a year later, in May 2016, giving us his great support and respect, and when I progressed his natal chart for the moment of founding of my magazine (May 19, 2015), I saw his secondary IC/MC axis across 9º Leo/9º Aquarius (which is Asc/Desc axis from Carter’s chart of death, but also the axis calling out my natal Sun at 9º Aquarius). Further on, Victor’s Solar Arc Asc/Desc axis on May 19, 2015 was at 22º Aries/22º Libra. This is the axis I have mentioned through my progressions and Solar Arc directions before. At the same time, this axis directly puts Carter’s natal IC/MC axis at 22° Capricorn/22° Cancer and transit Saturn at the time of his death at 22° Aries into the Grand Cardinal Cross. 

 When I gave the lecture on Uranus in Taurus 2018 in September 2016 in  the Astrological Lodge of London, my tertiary Asc/Desc axis was across 22º Aries/22º Libra! The woman who invited me to give a talk in the Astrological Lodge of London, Jadranka Ćoić, has the Sun (ruler of her MC) at 22º Cancer, Asc at 1º Scorpio (there was retrograde Mercury when Carter died, as I’ve mentioned above), axis IC/MC over 9º Aqurius/9 º  Leo, even her South Node and Saturn are at 9ºAquarius. Her Dwadasamsa Moon is at 22º  Libra. There is one more woman who loves IAM and give me support and respect since the start, it is Sharon Knight-I found her draconic Moon at 22º  Libra! 
In one moment when my magazine went through some challenge,  Sharon, Jadranka, Victor,  they all told me the same: Smiljana, do not forget that Infinity is your “baby”!”

Victor’s draconic chart shows the Saturn at 22º Aries, while the Venus is at 22º Libra. Draconic chart describes the feelings of the Soul and in essence, it is a lunar chart. Even in the chart of past life (so-called Dwadasamsa chart or horoscope of duads) Victor’s Venus is at 22º Libra! The Venus is the ruler of Victor’s 8th house in this life, the house of death, the end, while the Saturn rules his Asc, the field of his first breath, his birth.  

Now let us take a look at Carter’s horoscope of past life. In Dwadasamsa chart, Carter has the Asc/Desc axis across 22º Aries/22º Libra, while his IC/MC axis goes across 22º Cancer/22º Capricorn (contrary to the natal axis). In Dwadasamsa chart, all houses are equal and at the same degree, but of different signs of course. Finally, Carter’s 12th Harmonic is also interesting, being the chart of the future life. In that chart, all houses are equal and at the same degree as well. In that chart Carter has Asc/Des axis at 22º Libra/22º Aries (this axis was active when I founded the magazine on May 19, 2015, but this axis is also active in Victor Olliver’s chart as I have just mentioned), while IC/MC axis is identical to the natal one 22º Capricorn/22º Cancer! 

Now, it is the time for my charts of past and future life. In Dwadasamsa chart (the past life), my nodal axis lies across 22º Cancer (the North Node)/22º Capricorn (the South Node). My draconic Neptune (the ruler of my Venus in Pisces in 4th house – water house) is at 22º Cancer! In 12th Harmonic chart the Venus will be at 22º Libra, and the Sun at 22º Cancer!   

Carter, Victor and I share the background in law studies, but we all decided to be – astrologers and magazine editors!

It is well known that since February 8, 2017 my magazine’s name is IAM, standing for Infinity Astrological Magazine, by which we changed the energy of the firs founding chart, in which the Sun was at 28º Taurus, close to Algol (26º Taurus), which brought challenges and some not very easy moments. But, I find it interesting that Astrological Association (AA GB) has in Dwadasamsa chart the Sun at exactly the same spot as my first magazine, at 28º Taurus, in the open star cluster Pleiades (“the weeping sisters”).  

If we take a look at Dwadasamsa chart of IAM, we see the Moon at exactly 22º Libra, the position of my progressed Moon when I first founded the magazine in May 2015, and also the position of some very important points in charts of persons mentioned in this article. Finally, MC of Astrological Association GB is at 21º Libra 26’, together with Jupiter at 21º Libra 46’, almost at 22º Libra! Furthermore, in Dwadasamsa chart my new IAM has Mercury at exactly 9º Aquarius – the position of Asc at the time of Carter’s death, as well as my natal Sun, but also the secondary progressed MC of Victor Olliver at the moment I founded the magazine for the first time, in May 2015. Also, 12th Harmonic of IAM shows that IAM’s Moon in the future life is at 22º Cancer, which is the natal MC of Carter, but also the position of his MC in future life!   

 Recently, on January 16, 2018 (19:07, Kikinda, Serbia), the astrological association IAM INΦINITY – Αθήνα Center was born. I am the founder, but I have not picked up this moment, which is visible from the chart since the Ascendant is at 29º Leo, which is again exactly the position of my North Node, but also of Desc of Victor Olliver. IC/MC axis is identical to my natal Asc/Desc axis - 21º Scorpioa/21º Taurus. But, the Moon, being possibly the most important celestial body, was at 22º Capricorn 53’! It is interesting that Astrological Lodge of London has Fortuna at 21º Capricorn 48’ (we may say at 22º Capricorn), the most personal point in the chart since it represents the relationship between Asc, the Sun and the Moon.  
As it is obvious in all those examples, the Grand Cardinal Cross across 22° is being activated, and the first thing that comes to my mind is January 12, 2020 when Saturn and Pluto make conjunction at 22º Capricorn, which will automatically call out this Grand Cross! Even my tertiary Moon will be crossing 22° Capricorn on those days, which is really a great sign! In the horoscope of Saturn/Pluto conjunction that was made for Greenwich, Asc is at 15º Cancer, the position of my natal Moon! Even the transit Sun will be at 22º Capricorn on that day, so practically there will be conjunction of the Sun and Saturn/Pluto – very strong energy, since Solar Arc Asc of Carter will be at 27º Aquarius 34’, exactly at the Asc of Victor Olliver, while his progressed Moon will be at 9º Aquarius (the position of his Asc when he died in October 1968, and the position of my natal Sun). Anyway, in Davison relationship chart Carter and I have the Sun at 8º Leo 45’ (very close to 9º Leo), which calls out 9º Aquarius as the degree across the Zodiac.    

In Sabian symbols I tried to sense the possible scenario… Since the book of Sabian symbols treats every Zodiac sign from 1º to 30º, if one wishes to see interpretation for 22º, one should look up the interpretation for 23º, for astrology treats zodiac sign from 0º to 29º. Let us take a look what Sabian symbols convey for 23º of each cardinal sign:

-          23º Aries – A Woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load (this reminds me of my favorite card from Tarot Major Arcana – High Priestess)
-          23º Cancer – Meeting of a literary society
-          23º Libra – Chanticleer – to announce something with pride
-          23º Capricorn – Two awards for Bravery in war 

In the end I may add that my first attempt at founding of Infinity Astrological Magazine was  “bloody” attempt at giving birth to a “baby” (keep in mind that my progressed Moon was crossing my natal Pluto at 21º -22º Libra), and the baby was born and had been “hypersensitive” from the beginning  (Sun in Pleiades – “weeping sisters”). But, then came the birth of the second “baby”, and that is the present IAM, and this “baby” is certainly very healthy

The energy has been changed, and my connection through the magazine with the very Charles Carter and at the same time through Victor Olliver is very obvious and it remains to be seen what becomes activated by Saturn and Pluto crossing 22º Capricorn. I also have to add that already during 2019 the Pluto shall cross 22º Capricorn several times (both in direct and retrograde motion), before touching the Saturn in January 2020.   
The death is not the end; it is always the new beginning...

When I started with my magazine, three years ago (19th May, 2015), progressed Moon of C.E.O. Carter was at 29 º Capricorn, exactly over my 3/9 axis (29 º Capricorn/29 º Cancer). His Solar Arc Moon and Solar Arc Vertex (the point of wish) was at 13º -14º Virgo, making conjunction with my natal Mars at 14 º Virgo (ruler of my Asc, ruler of my 5th house – which is my 1st house in past life, and the ruler of my 12th house – which is my 8th house (death, the end) in my past life). Tertiary axis Asc/Desc of Carter went over 29º Cancer/29 º Capricorn (e.i.over my natal axis 9/3), and his tertiary Moon was just crossing over my natal Mercury 15º -16º Aqurius (where is my draconic Moon, too). I recommend you to read my article “Sensitivedegrees in AA chart” where I am talking about why axis 29º Capiricorn/29 º Cancer is axis of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. 


This article was written on the night of Full Moon at 10º-11º Libra, on March 31, 2018, which is the position of the Sun at the time of Carter’s death, in the 8th house of his death chart… 
At 11º Libra there is the Sun in draconic chart (Soul’s memory of previous incarnations)  and natal Pluto (ruler of his Scorpio rising) of the creator of the chart of new IAM. But, it is important to say that this person has in his 12th Harmonic chart angular axes (Asc/Desc, IC/MC) at 23º of cardinal signs, very close to the mentioned 22º. Also, his natal Fortuna at 21º Capricorn 33’ (in allowed orb with 22 º) cannot be neglected. He had his first article for IAM at the moment when his progressed Moon was crossing that same Fortuna in his 3rd house, on March 1, 2017 (#The Retrograde Kiss Issue #IAM12).
The article shall be published in May/June issue of #IAM19 #The Fate Issue, and it will be accompanied by the Full Moon at 9º Scorpio (April 30, 2018) in conjunction with the Venus at the same degree, also in the 8th house of Carter’s death chart…  


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