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„Destiny’s Gate“; Electric Axis IN ATHENS I Published: July 16h, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

„Destiny’s Gate“; Electric Axis IN ATHENS
Smiljana GavranČIĆ

Three primary (and familiar) incarnational axes are the:

• Ascendant/Descendant axis - magnetic axis
• the Midheaven/IC axis - gravity axis
• and the Lunar Node axis - karmic (or fate) axis

But, there is one more axis... We can call it Electric Axis! The Vertex/ Anti-Vertex axis is also nicknamed the Electric Axis.

The astrological Vertex is a sensitive point on the chart (any chart) that during unusual, extraordinary times feels like an electric, fortunate turning point or a meeting with Destiny's Gate“. So anyway, based on the astrological Vertex being located on a "turning point" in your sky chart, it then probably has something to do with "turning points" in your life. It does. Based on it being located in the 5th through 8th houses, then you can also bet it quite often has something to do with meetings of people“. 

July 10th, 2017, „Folli Follie“, Athens, Greece, 7:37pm, the Moon was at 2° Capricorn 29’, Mars was at 3° Cancer 59’. My Vertex is at 3° Cancer 26’ (so my Anti-Vertex is at 3°  Capricorn 26’). In the chart of Greece Democracy from 1974, you can find Venus (jewelry – necklace, etc.) at 3° Cancer 29’. So, at 7:37 pm on July 10th, in Athens – I got my „blue stone“ in the famous „Folli Follie“. If I add now that at 2° Capricorn 13’ I have midpoint of my Sun and Uranus and at 4° Capricorn 19’ I have midpoint of my Venus and Pluto – you will understand why this moment was „speaking“ for me so much!

I knew it that my trip in Athens had a purpose, as everything in life, but than, I fugured  that I went to Athens only  to get this „blue stone“. I opened the „Destiny’s Gate“ within me...After shopping,  my friend Virna took me to the beautiful restaurant „The Black Duck Garden“, and we were sitting in the beautiful garden, eating tomato cherry’s salat. Soon after that, I have decided to transform „working title“ for this issue from #TheFingerInTomatoSoupIssue into #TheSecretGardenIssue. After all, in every secret garden – there is some tomato... Also, my trip was „colored“ by one cat. I have to admit you, I do not hide, I am not a „cat person“, I am a „dog person“ and I love my dog Lolla... In other words, I do not like cats!

The ruler of my Vertex is the Moon, at 15° Cancer 43’, in my 8th, in applying square with Pluto (ruler of my Asc) at 21° Libra, but also in strong applying trine with my Venus at 16° Pisces 52’, so, I have the „exit“ and I can always transform myself. It is a sudden turn of fate, a radical awakening of perception.

Can mythology reveal anything about the Vertex? Yes. The Roman god Vertumnus has roots in the Latin word vertere, to change, turn or spin. Vertumnus was a lesser god of gardens, fruit trees and seasons. Youthful and alluring, he had the power to change himself into various forms, just as the seed changes from root, to branch to leaf to fruit. Vertumnus used this ability in his avid pursuit of the goddess Pomona.

As the myth goes, Vertumnus fell in love with a strikingly beautiful goddess (in some versions nymph) named Pomona. Although she rejected all suitors, he fed his passion with the sight of her by changing his form and passing her gardens daily as a soldier, a harvester, a fisherman, etc. Ignoring him, Pomona remained devoted only to the cultivation of fruit trees. Vertumnus persisted and one day he altered his form to that of an old woman, greeted her with a passionate kiss, and proceeded to enter her gardens.

Vertumnus, (as the matron), talked to the goddess, attempting to convince her of the rewards of relationship and the dangers of rejecting love. The qualities and integrity of the youthful god Vertumnus were discussed. Finally, "she" told Pomona the story of a young man who cruelly took his own life after being spurned by his hard hearted love. He told of how the gods turned the rejecting woman into stone, but still Pomona was not persuaded.

Finally in exasperation, Vertumnus dropped his disguise and stood naked before Pomona in his true form. She thought she was seeing the sun immerge from behind the clouds and in the glorious light of Vertumnus, she opened her heart and reciprocated his love. Together still, they attend the gardens and fruit tress of the countryside.

The theme of this myth centers on a seemingly chance moment where an outstanding event occurs. To Pomona, it was like an epiphany, a sudden turn of fate, a radical awakening of perception. To Vertumnus, it was at first a well planned strategy, then finally an act of spontaneous desperation. Imagine his surprise when Pomona finally received him!

Love, relationship and union are highlighted here, not just in the desire of Vertumnus, but also in the story he told of the young man's rejection and the tragic consequences that followed. The imagery of the gardens, fruit and vine add to the feeling of ripeness, an event finally ready to happen, a fruitful experience.

„Making“ this issue, for me, was very „sensitive“(intuitive). „Folli Follie“ means – „crazy craziest“
A CAT ARGUING WITH A MOUSESabian Symbol for my Vertex – interesting, isn’t it?!

With Love,

You can take pdf of this issue if you visit my website  IAM Infinity and Login
#The Secret Garden Issue #IAM14 #July/August2017

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