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Marilyn Monroe, Cannes and retrograde Venus Published: January 15th, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 Marilyn Monroe, Cannes and retrograde Venus
Published: January 15th, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

I wrote this article on May 20th, 2012, in Serbian, for my blog. It was translated in English on Janaury 15th, 2017

When we think about the film, we think first of the sign of Pisces, Neptune, series 12. But, let’s not forget that the Venus (planet of love, glamour, beauty and attraction) is exalted in Pisces, and that this special time of its retrograde motion brings back memories of someone from the world of film… On the other hand, the whole atmosphere in the time of Venus’ retrograde motion may be in the sign of movies that tell story of love which contains “secret” an hiding… Also, the very 29º may be important in this case..

Each year in May, Cannes is the center of the world regarding film industry. In this 2012, the gates of the Cannes Film Festival were opened on May 16 at 8 p.m., only a day after Venus started its retrograde motion (May 15), which certainly makes this year’s festival special…

Everything is in the sign of the famous beauty that passed 50 years ago — Marilyn Monroe. The hostess of the Festival is the lead of the movie “The Artist“ Bérénice Bejo, the star of the silent film that won several Oscars this year, for the best movie among others. So, another girl from before (retrograde Venus)!

Now, if we take a look at the horoscope of the moment of Oscar ceremony opening, we see Ascendant at 29º (the degree we call the “silent” degree) Leo (France) (see my article “The Magic of Oscars at 29º“), then we should not be surprised to find MC (festival’s reputation) in the chart of 65th Cannes Festival exactly at 29º Leo and to have the French actress whose film won Oscar as the hostess! In the very 29º Leo we have depiction of Los Angeles (the city of Neptune and glamour), so in 29º (someone from before, Neptune — angels) we see somebody from before coming from “the city of angels”, and Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles!

Further on, the gala premiere of bitter-sweet comedy “Moonrise Kingdom“ by American director Wes Anderson opened the Festival. It is romantic drama of two twelve-year-olds (12 – number associated with retrograde motion) who make a secret deal and flee from home into the desert to enjoy their freedom and love. That is depiction of retrograde (secret, fleeing away) Venus (love) in Gemini (kids) in 8th house (danger), at 23º (freedom) of the Festival’s chart! The sheriff starts after them, and he is involved with the girl’s mother (within retrograde Venus there is the Sun/Jupiter (sheriff) in Taurus (the sign of Moon’s exaltation, Moon — mother)), played by the famous Bruce Willis. Since the applicative trine with the Moon (popularity) in the 5th house (awards) is the first aspect of retrograde Venus in Gemini, this movie is expected to be popular, and maybe it will win some award at this year’s Festival…

Nonetheless, the main star of the Festival is still one and only, unique – Marilyn Monroe!

Eternal kiss (Venus) of Marilyn Monroe

Festival’s organizers decided on February 28 to pay respects to Marilyn Monroe this year by selecting her photograph for the main Festival poster. Photograph is black and white (retrograde motion — something old, retro) and in it the actress in the movie “Some Like It Hot“ seductively blows the candle on birthday cake (Ascendant in the chart of Festival’s opening is at 17º - love, celebration, Scorpio –“...Hot“). Also, the position of retrograde (secret, unclear) Venus (girl) in 8th house (death) is depiction of Marilyn Monroe, whose death is still mysterious today…

It is interesting that on the day of that decision, February 28, the Venus (girl) was at 22º - 23º Aries, in a strong conjunction with the star BATEN KAITOS (The Whale’s Belly), which is presently at 22º Aries 07’, from the constellation of Cetus, that tells of danger, of possibility to be “swallowed” – either by some mystery (whale is the creature in the symbolism of Neptune), or due to the overdose of swollen barbiturates.

But, more importantly, Marilyn herself had Fortune at 21º Aries 44’, in conjunction with Venus in her 9th house (abroad, purpose, future incarnation). Fortune is the personal point of the Moon and it describes the most intimate state of the soul. The Sun (conscious part), the Moon (field of our feelings) and the Earth (body, our unconscious) — together create the point of Fortune, and that very Fortune was “touched” by this act… The Fortune point is the road to the field of easiness, an alley to the field of happiness and the place where the soul is light. It is a very personal point, moving the fastest in the horoscope, representing the personal and intimate characteristics of the person. As I have already mentioned, in the chart of Marilyn Monroe it is in her 9th house (the whole world), in sextile with the Moon (popularity) in 7th house (public), so her road is marked with getting popular in the whole world. The Moon “contains” the North Node (future) close to the degree of Jupiter’s exaltation (16º Cancer), as well as the Pluto (fatality) in Cancer, so her enormous popularity and magnetic attractiveness remained to live in the future, after her death… The ruler of her Fortune is Mars in Pisces (sign of Venus’ exaltation) in 8th house (death, sex), and since there is applicative trine with Saturn in Scorpio in 4th house (things we are remembered by at the end of life) – characteristics of seductress and sex symbol are what Marilyn Monroe is remembered long after her death. She will, certainly, easy and for a long time (Saturn) live and seduce even after death, and since Saturn contains Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (suddenly) in 7th house (public), this is depiction of great popularity of this sex symbol of the previous century.

If we take a look at directions (since everything there moves 1º per year) of Marilyn Monroe, the first thing that catches the eye is the position of directive Fortune at 13º Cancer in exact semi-sextile with her Ascendant at 13º Leo, exactly on her Pluto (fatality, sexuality) and this 2012 is somehow important for her, because we again remember her as the most fatal and most sex-appealing blond of the previous century. Also, her directive Fortune has sextile with Mercury at 13º Taurus from the chart of the Festival, and since Mercury contains retrograde Venus in 8th house, this is indication of her presence at this year’s festival, of her beauty and her lips (Venus) that, from the festival poster (Gemini), send us the kiss (Venus in Gemini) from the past (retrograde)…

Further on, her directive Mercury came to 29º Leo this year, at the very MC of the chart of the Cannes Festival, and since her natal Mercury contains the Sun (reputation) in Gemini ruling her Ascendant (herself), this is another indication of the connection of Marilyn Monroe and 65th  Cannes Festival. The whole Cannes is covered with her photos, wherever one turns — there is this attractive blond on posters. We must note that her natal Venus (attractiveness, beauty), the ruler of her 10th house (status, reputation) is at 28º Aries 45’, in almost exact trine with MC from the chart of Festival at 29º Leo, as well as with her directive Mercury at 29º Leo that contains her Sun (herself), so this year brings her reputation back again, and in France (Leo), and her contributes to the reputation of the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

In the end, if we take a look at secondary progressions of Marilyn Monroe for the day of Festival opening, we can see that her secondary axis 1/7 (herself/audience) at 23º Libra/Aries, in exact trine with retrograde Venus at 23º Gemini from the Festival’s chart, which strongly implies her powerful connection with this year’s festival in Cannes! Further on, the cusp of the secondary 9th house (the world) is in her chart at 23º Gemini, in conjunction with retrograde Venus from the festival’s chart, so she is revived in this very year through the world’s manifestation, and in the time of retrograde Venus, of course.
The need of the soul is to always have the feeling of easiness. The point of Fortune is the spot of our karmic award that, by its position in the sign, house, its aspect and situation with its ruler speaks most directly about the state of this internal easiness we possess, which is out ticket for different states of consciousness, and for different levels of the fate as well. Cannes Festival is the place of glamour, and Marilyn is its perfect incarnation…

“This is intimate moment where myth meets reality a moving tribute to the anniversary of her passing, which coincides with the Festival anniversary. She enchants us with this promising gesture: a seductively blown kiss.”, was stated by Festival organizers. Even 50 years after her mysterious death, Marilyn Monroe remains the one of the main figures in the world of film, she still has secretive attraction, fatality, sex-appeal… She easily shone again in the whole world… In the time of retrograde Venus, she reminded us all of her lips (Venus) and sent us a kiss (Venus)…

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