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The road scattered with roses... Originally Published: 29th April, 2013 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The road scattered with roses...
Originally Published: 29th April, 2013 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

Last year's crossing of Venus over the disc of the Sun (on June 6, 2012.) opened a very nice doors for Serbian diplomacy (more on this in my article "Serbian Minister is the head of UN), since that event activated the Venus (diplomacy) at 15º Gemini in the 7th house (diplomacy) in Serbia's chart.

The next important date for Serbia was the  moment when Saturn (past, borders) entered the sign of Scorpio (Kosovo). Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5, 2012., and soon after that, on October 19, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić met Kosovo's Prime Minister Hashim Tachi in Brussels, which was the official beginning of the series of dialogs, resulting in recent (April 19, 2013) agreement between Belgrade and Priština, all under the patronage of European Union and Catherine Ashton.

The end of the tunnel

If we make secondary progressions of the Serbia horoscope for the day the dialogue begun  (October 19, 2012), we see the secondary Moon (people) of Serbia positioned at 8º Sagittarius, at the spot where "boomerang" will be on December 21, 2012 (when new year naturally starts, and Sun reaches 0º Capricorn 00’00’’), and it promises resolution of all tense situations in 2013. Furthermore, secondary Venus (diplomacy) of Serbia is at the last degree of "the end sign" – at 29º Scorpio, which is depiction of "the end of the tunnel", the end of the dark. Since Mars is at this very spot in the chart of Saturn's entering of Scorpio, and it carries Mercury (negotiations, dialogue) as the ruler of the Ascendant and Saturn (history, past, something from before...), then all this might be the picture of Serbian diplomacy taking part in some dialogue related to Kosovo (Scorpio), "historical problem of Serbia“, and it may result in "the end of the dark period". If I also add that this decan (from 20º to 30º Scorpio) is ruled by the Venus, and that pentade (from 25º to 30º Scorpio) is ruled by the Saturn, then it is necessary for Serbia to be "emotionally strong" in its dialogue with Kosovo… Finally, the very conjunction of Moon and Jupiter at 16º Gemini in the chart of Saturn's entering the Scorpio, which touched the Venus (diplomacy) from the Serbia's chart certainly puts the accent on the Serbian diplomacy during the period of Saturn's residence in Scorpio. It is time to "release" something from before…

The Ascendant of this chart is also very interesting (at 26º Gemini 40’), because it is in conjunction with the star WAZN (26º Gemini 35’) from the constellation of Columba Noe (Noe's dove), that tells the story of finding peace with the opposing side, reconnecting of broken relations, so this whole period of Saturn in Scorpio might be in the sign of reconciliation, at the global level, since this is the position of Ascendant for GM time (the picture for the whole world).

Battle of Kosovo – the Vitus Day, 1389

While the dialogue between Belgrade and Priština was coming to the conclusion, on April 8, 2013, there was the news that a documentary is being filmed ("Road scattered with roses“) about the last Serbian princess, Olivera Lazarević, who was given to the Turkish sultan Bayezid I after the defeat of the Serbian army at Kosovo, as a pledge to the diplomatic peace.

I certainly saw the "sign along the road" in this information, because in the chart of Kosovo battle the Venus (daughter, girl, but also the diplomacy...) is in the 12th house (harem), positioned at 8º Gemini, at the spot where on December 21, 2012 the cusp of Yod was, so it is not strange that now, in 2013, this story gets its realization on the film… "Boomerang“ is at 8º Sagittarius, and there is secondary Moon (people) of Serbia at the moment of Belgrade and Priština dialogue beginning, right after Saturn entered Scorpio… All these are signs of possible solution of centuries-long problem during 2013…

Political marriage

Olivera Lazarević was the youngest daughter of Duke Lazar and Duchess Milica. She was born sometime between 1373 and 1376 in Kruševac. She lived at her parents' court until 1390. Her childhood and youth were the time of Serbia's preparations for the war with Turks. She was, as all daughters of the Duke Lazar were, ambitious, clever, educated, self-aware and energetic woman, real ruler, like their mother Milica.

After the critical battle with Turks on the Vitus Day 1389, at Kosovo field, Serbia was left without its ruler the Duke Lazar and majority of noblemen. Squeezed between Hungarians on the north and the Turks on the south, it had to accept the peace with Ottoman Empire and become its vassal. Being the vassal also meant financial and army tribute, but the greatest guaranty of peace was giving the youngest Lazarević princess -- sixteen years old Olivera, to sultan Bayezid's harem.

Serbian rulers used political marriages since the middle of IX century. The same was the case in the time of Nemanjić rule. All four sisters of Olivera were married for state and political interests. But this time, Olivera was given to the man of other religion, the man who attacked her country and executed her father. Duchess Milica, who ruled Serbia after the Battle of Kosovo in the place of her minor son Stefan, shared the burden of deciding on vassalage and giving Olivera to harem with the remaining nobility and church dignitaries.

In the spring of 1390, Olivera was escorted by her brothers, Stefan and Vuk, to sultan. The road from her hometown of Kruševac to Drenopolje was scattered with roses by Serbian people for Olivera.

Life in harem

Amongst hundreds of women in harem, Olivera became one of the four sultan's legal wives. With time, a deep love developed between them. Olivera often used her place in harem and in sultan's heart to help her suffering people and country. Thanks to her great influence on Bayezid, and to Bayezid's great respect for Duchess Milica and Stefan, Serbia had much easier position at that time than other Balkan vassal states.
It is very strange that Olivera became one of the four legal wives of sultan, since she had no children with him and she never abandoned her orthodox Christian religion. It is the proof of Bayezid's great love for her. After Bayezid's death Olivera returned to Serbia -- dispositor of Venus at 8º Gemini is retrograde (returning) Mercury at 24º Gemini (interestingly, from this spot on May 15, 2012 Venus started its retrograde movement, and on this very spot is also Jupiter in the chart of Ivica Dačić), so her return to Serbia is something that "lives" as a picture in the chart of Battle of Kosovo…

Tanja Bošković in the role of Duchess Milica

As we do not have the horoscope of Olivera Lazarević, I took a look at the chart of our famous actress Tanja Bošković, since she plays Duchess Milica in the film "The road scattered with roses". In her chart, the Venus (daughters, Olivera) is at 19º Taurus, which is the very cusp of the 7th house (diplomacy) in the chart of Serbia! Isn't this the depiction of Olivera, her sisters, who were married for diplomatic reasons?!

Solar eclipse at 19º Taurus

But, this degree is really important for Serbia, because on May 10, 2013 there will be Solar eclipse (Sun/Moon conjunction close to the South Node) at this very degree, which will put accent again on Serbian diplomacy in the time to come. Solar eclipse is always depiction of the new beginning, and since the South Node (the past) is involved this time, it will certainly open some questions from the past, and about diplomatic relations (the cusp of the 7th house).

This eclipse will "engage" the sextile of Venus (diplomacy, anybody who stands across from Serbia) and Mars (Belgrade – Mars is the ruler of Ascendant) from the chart of Serbia, which is promising, and since the Venus is at the star Rigel from Orion constellation, which is being connected to the United States – we may expect the diplomatic "affection" of this superpower, certainly the most important in the world…

Ivica Dačić

This degree (19º Taurus) is also being activated in the chart of Serbian Prime Minister, Ivica Dačić, since he has the cusp of the 7th (diplomatic relations) out of 10 (he as the Prime Minister) at this degree.

The dispositor of the eclipse is the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aquarius. Only couple of days after his birth, this Venus (anybody who stands across from him) became retrograde and met Mars (him). The sign of Aquarius promises a completely new, modern approach to diplomacy, so this might be depiction of more rapid European integration for Serbia in the time to come… This is also depiction of dialogue continuation with Priština, where the Serbian side will be more open for change, relieved from the burden of the past...

Hashim Tachi

Nevertheless, the Solar eclipse will "touch" the Mars at 19º Taurus in the chart of the Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Tachi.

So, there is the conjunction of Venus at 19º Taurus (which is depiction of Olivera Lazarević in the chart of Tanja Bošković) and Mars at 19º Taurus

3º Scorpio – chance for transformation

The position of directive Venus (Olivera) of Tanja Bošković (Duchess Milica) for the spring of 1390 is interesting, for that is when Olivera went to sultan's harem. It is 3º Scorpio, the degree of Pluto's exaltation, so it is easy to conclude that this is depiction of Persephone going to Hades. The cusp of the secondary 7 (diplomacy) in the chart of Serbia was at the same degree when negotiations of Belgrade and Prišitina started in October 2012., so this is also depiction of Serbian diplomacy being deeply transformed, changed…

Hades is someone dangerous, but it is the task of Persephone to love the man who is also her enemy, who killed her father. This degree carries the enormous potential for transformation. Isn't this the message for all of us, for the Serbian diplomacy? Shouldn't we be making friends out of enemies, be in good relations with someone who hurt us somehow and some time ago? I would say that is our task, and filming of this movie at this time is the reminder that this is originally our story, that it lives deep in our collective consciousness, and that it should be our guide. The very fact that Olivera was sent to harem in the symbolism of Venus (flowers), with roses thrown before her – should be our "sign along the road"… She was sent to Bayezid I with the nice energy, and she found love there somehow… Should love be judged? Love works miracles, it transforms us, changes us… As an astrologist, I understand this story, for being in love with the enemy is what changes the world…

The Vitus Day, 2013

This date is being following us as the nation for sure. On June 28, 2013 the European Council should assign the date to Serbia for the beginning of negotiations on accession to EU, but also the premiere of the film about Olivera Lazarević – "The road scattered with roses" is planned on this day. Secondary Moon (people) of Serbia will be at 18º Sagittarius during June, in exact trine with the Ascendant of European Union (18º Leo), which is the chance for Serbia to get the date.

But, it seems that 19º Taurus is very important degree for Serbia, because on that same day the secondary Fortune will be at this spot. The secondary Fortune is the fastest spot, whose movement should be tracked through progressions, so we may have some luck on that day as well…

Sabian symbols also offer some interesting pictures… "Wisps of clouds, like wings, streaming across the sky“ (19º Taurus). The result is given by the degree across, so 19º Scorpio – "A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.“

It is certain that Duchess Milica was the most responsible for the diplomatic move by which she put her youngest daughter into the hands of her greatest enemy. Today, after so much time, we also have Milica in Serbian diplomacy. It is Milica Delević, who is the Director of European Integration Office of Serbian Government since 2009, so some diplomatic move from her side might bring Serbia into a better position and more dignity in the region, as well as in the rest of the world…

It is important that in the time to come we regard every diplomatic move of our government with love, as Serbian people did while escorting Olivera to harem by scattering the road before her with roses (Venus - love). By doing so we send the good energy, which must result in something good… 

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