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Annie Lennox – Miracle of Love Originally published: November 25th, 2013. | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Annie Lennox-Miracle of Love

Originally published: November 25th, 2013. | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

When we start analyzing a natal chart, it’s natural to begin with the Ascendant sign, because it contains the most important message for the natus. Knowing the nature of the Ascendant sign itself, the nature of the planet which rules the sign, or is exalted in that sign, and the nature of the planet which is in detriment or fall in that sign – we can make an initial image of the natus whose chart we are analyzing.

Ascendant in Virgo

This article is about a woman with a Venus – Saturn conjuction in Scorpio, and a Virgo Ascendant, which already says a lot about the importance of Venus in her chart. Namely, Virgo is a sign where Mercury (the mind, intellect) is the ruler and exalted, while Venus (a planet connected to relationships) is in fall. The main task of every Ascendental Virgo are exactly relationships, because across the sign of Virgo is the sign of Pisces where Venus is joyful (exalted) and there is no room for words or analyzing (everything that is natural to Virgo). Also, Ascendental Virgo needs to work on their Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (personal faith) because these two planets are in detriment in Virgo.

Annie Lennox, the voice behind “Miracle of Love” felt the impact of Venus – Saturn conjuction in Scorpio many times. Namely, all three of her husbands were carrying symbolism of this conjuction. We know that this is an image of karmic love affairs, relationships in which some karmic debts need to be paid, relationships with somebody older, or coming from different cultural or racial backgrounds, etc. If you ask me, this is also a sign of delayed relationships, which may be waited on for a long time, and happen later in life, in mature ages...

Annie married three times, but only her latest, third marriage fullfilled completely her Venus symbolism on the star Unukalhai from the constellation Serpens linked to doctors, healers – her third husband is not only from a different cultural background (South Africa), he is also a doctor, fulfilling the need of the fixed star as a ‘carrier’ in this story. Finally, Venus in her chart is her exalted ruler of 7th house with the cusp in Pisces, so it’s very important in the analysis of this artist’s chart.

First marriage (1984-1985)

Let’s start from the beginning. If we analyze her 7th house of marriage, we find that the cusp of 7th house is in Pisces, and the ruler is retrograde Jupiter in applying conjuction with Uranus, which can be a sign of sudden unexpected marriages but also divorces. The retrograde nature brought her more than one marriage, so even the exalted Jupiter’s position could not save her first marriage from ending. Still, this man was needed in her life, because he was a big influence on her. Her first husband, Radha Raman, a Hare Krishna monk, first crossed her path in 1984. on her concert in Stuttgart.

Only three weeks later, they got married, which lasted only a year. Still, this man inspired Annie to change her diet – she eliminated meat, coffee and alcholol. At the time, she was very enthusiastic about the change. “He changed my life, taught me how to be happy. I was terribly confused before we met and I didn’t know what I wanted.” Her Venus is the ruler of 2nd house (diet) in her chart, conjucting Saturn (deprivation) so this is an image of some sort of fasting, abstaining from food, everything that is bad and “toxic” (Scorpio) for the organism. Retrograde Jupiter in Cancer can also attract a partner which is somehow a spiritual Teacher (Jupiter) dealing with diet (Cancer). Uranus contributed to the fast marriage and even faster divorce. Dispositer of her Jupiter is Moon in Capricorn where Jupiter falls, so there could be reasonable doubt that this marriage would somehow “fall” in the future. Trining Saturn did support the wedding itself, because Saturn loves form, which is marriage..

Second marriage (1988-2000)

The second husband of Annie Lennox was the famous Israelian director and producer, Uri Frutchmann, with who she spent 12 years of her life. They have had two daughters, Lola and Tali, and a stillborn son Daniel. Uri Frutchmann also carries the symbolism of Jupiter in Cancer (Israel) squaring Neptune – film producer. This aspect brings great excitement and need to idealize a relationship, after which comes disappointment. Venus, as an essential significator for relationships and marriage, is placed in Scorpio, conjucting Saturn – a marriage with a person from a different cultural background limited in time, if the relationship is not pure and honest, it cannot last in time, and if it is, it is affirmed and strong. Dispositer of Jupiter is Moon in Capricorn, giving a real chance that this marriage will also fail in time. After her second divorce, Annie said that she’ll never get married again. Since the thing we are running from always catches up with us in the end, the same thing happened to her...

The story of Saturn

Saturn is a very important planet in the chart of Annie Lennox for many reasons. It’s the dispositor of the ruler of her Ascendant, Mercury in Capricorn, and it represnts her in time. She was also born on the day of a Solar eclipse on 3º Capricorn, and Saturn is the ruler of her prenatal eclipse which is always a sort of darkness because it happened before birth and it defines the person’s state of mind in trust or fear. Saturn is also the ruler of her 5th house (creation, love). Since it’s influencing her Venus in Scorpio, and she needs to work on relationships in her life as an Ascendental Virgo, her main task is to lose all the fears in her relationships in time, because she is capable of a very deep (Scorpio) attachment. This Saturn needs a lot of time to become totally “pure” and honest, because it’s the only way Annie can realize a magical love story, if she deeply falls in love without fear and doubts. Then her dispositor (Mars in Pisces) leads Venus to the sign of exaltation, Pisces, in a trine with Saturn on the star Archernar (with a Jupiterian nature) which speaks of a long journey through an underground river, implies a sort of a purgatory, but also light at the end of the tunnel.

Third marriage – December 15th, 2012.

Annie met her current husband in 2009. Dr Mitchell Besser comes from South Africa (symbolism of her Venus – Saturn conjuction), he’s a gynecologist  (Scorpio), and working on a project of helping people infected with HIV. Annie Lennox herself joined this project, known by the name “mothers2mothers”, helping children and single mothers infected with HIV, and a love story happened. Even though she said she’d never marry again, in the year when her directive Ascendant, after 58 years, conjucted her natal Venus on 21º Scorpio, she got married for the third time! Also, on December 15th, 2012., the day of the wedding, her secondary Venus (moving 1º in one year) was on 17º Capricorn, in an exact sextile (ease) with natal Saturn on 17º Scorpio, while secondary Saturn was on on her natal Venus for a long time.

It’s especially important that Annie finally fullfilled the need of her Venus on the star Unukalhai – a partner who is a healer, doctor... Now that same Venus, even though in a “hug” with Saturn (somebody of a different racial background) is disposed in 6th house (a need to serve others), in the sign of it’s exaltation, on the star Achernar, so this relationship can really “purify” her, giving her a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunel. Saturn is carrying within itself Chiron on 27º Capricorn, so she has a possibility to heal herself, but also people around her, through this relationship. Finally, Venus is also the ruler of her 9th house (life purpose, future life) so this woman is really headed in the right direction.

Therefore, we can analyze all partners and marriages primarily through the series 7, since it carries all our marriage potencial, but also through Venus as a natural significator of series 7. In the chart of Annie Lennox, Venus is very important, because she is an Ascendental Virgo and relationships are something she needs to work on during her life. Venus is also conjucting Saturn in her chart, which can seem very “hard” at the first glance, but that Venus is on a star linked to doctors, so her long expected love came into her life only when she met somebody who fits that description. Of course, she needed all her partners before, in order to come closer and closer to her true nature.

The wedding happened on December 15th, 2012., after the Solar eclipse on November 13th which was on her natal Venus on 21º Scorpio. Since it was a Solar eclipse (personal beginning), it brought new opportunities when it comes to relationships to this extraordinary woman... This eclipse disposited by Mars ended up in the sign of Pisces (exaltation of Venus), trining Saturn, which is an image of marriage.

In traditional astrology, Saturn is joyful in 12th house, while today  (in modern western astrology) it’s the house where Venus is joyful, so I’ll finish this article with a question – Is there a place for fear where love is present?

Living in magic and patience, is what 12th house, Pisces and exalted Venus ask of us...

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