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Nicole Kidman-South Node on Ascendant Published: 18th April 2014 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Nicole Kidman-South Node on Ascendant
Published: 18th April 2014 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

If you are born with South Node on Ascendant, it is somehow inevitable that you go in this lifetime through a form of “purification” and overcome yourself, as your meaning (North Node) is always found with the person being across from you – with a partner. What you are expected is to accept the things as they come, allow the partner to be the one to give you meaning… Not rarely here we find a person who is lost, without know exactly what he/she wants, and, then, anther person appear who gets the person to their meaning… That this really is a form of “purification” is confirmed by the nature of degree, which we connect the South Node to. This is 3° Scorpio, the degree of Pluto’s exaltation, and it is here where it is necessary to somehow “bury” oneself, to be reborn as new… On the other hand, at 3° Taurus (the place of the Moon’s exaltation – life) is the place related to the North Node. It is desirable that the rulers of Nodes are in a harmonic aspect, as this makes things significantly easier and it brings the balance between the past (South Node) and the future (North Node).

It is precisely from 3° Scorpio 12’ that on 9th March 1967 Mars started going retrograde and it was going retrograde until 26th May of the same year, coming to 14° Libra 59’. Thus, when on 20th June 1967 Nicole Kidman was born, Mars was direct, however, still in its own shadow… (at 18° Libra 50’). As this is the place of the Zodiac called Via Combusta (from 15° Libra to 15° Scorpio), but, which is also linked to the magical powers of the Egyptian queen Isis, it is here where it takes silence to bring the sorceress from within out to heal oneself… 

Mars in Libra

The famous American actress Nicole Kidman has a Scorpio on Ascendant and her South Node is precisely on her Ascendant, almost very close at its natural position (3° Scorpio), whereas the ruler of her Ascendant (therefore of her South Node as well) – Mars is in the 12th house (where Mars is not all too strong and it is practically retrograde, as retrograde movement is connected to the series 12), in the sign of its fall (Libra) and quite close to the degree of the Sun’s fall (the consciousness about Oneself). Of course, we can immediately conclude that this unconscious plant can be a problem to this woman during her life and that this is a “harder karma” case. This is where energy must be preserved, one must be quiet and it is important to become conscious in silence, so that prior to establishing a relation with anybody across from us, with a partner, we must establish a relation with ourselves, which is, finally, the task of the very sign of Libra, where the Sun is at its fall. This is no place for action, this is where Mars (action) is in exile, here one should not fight, one should really get relaxed here and love will come at the time right for us, as here Saturn (waiting, time) is exalted and Venus (love) is at her domicile.


Configuration of Dragon

However, Mars in Nicole’s chart is precisely at the center of the Dragon configuration, which practically activates her Great Fire Trine, involving Venus at 14° Leo (the ruler of 7 – relationships), the Moon at 13° Sagittarius (an essential significator for the series 4, emotions, but also fertility, pregnancy) and Saturn at 11° Aries from the 6th house (physiology), which is practically her personal Moon, having in mind that it rules her 4th house (genetics). As Mars describes the period from 41 to 56 year of each one of us, this woman is precisely being 41 and in her second marriage with the famous Australian musician Keith Urban, gets her first child after many miscarriages.

In the chart of Nicole, we precisely find the ruler of the 5th (children) at 5° Leo in an exact square with the Node axis, which is the picture of a problem to have children. The depositor is the Sun at 29° Gemini, which brings Jupiter in the sign of his exile (its weakened dignity), requiring waiting (29° - waiting) and which is going into applying opposition with the Moon (fertility) as well as into a wider applying square with Saturn in its fall in the 6th (physiology), which rules her 4 (genetics), as I have already emphasized. Namely, no wonder that during her marriage with a famous actor Tom Cruise she had a number of miscarriages, i.e. unrealized pregnancies.

Marriage with Tom Cruise

She met Tom in 1989, when shooting the movie “Days of Thunder” and they got married already on 24th December 1990. At the time, Nicole was very young and as she said herself “madly in love with Tom”… The ruler of her 7th is Venus in the 10th (career) and very close to 15° Leo, “the royal degree of the royal sign”, thus this is the picture of a famous actor she meets through her career. However, this Venus is in applying square with Neptune (the second ruler of the 5th – children), hence, this woman gets out of marriage with Tom quite disappointed, as he literally over night gives her his request for divorce and their adopted children, Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Cruise declare in court that they want to live with Tom. “I became depressed, I loved him very much, I sacrificed a lot for our marriage, thinking that love is sacrifice, I was wrong… I was in an illusion that our marriage was perfect… But, I am not sorry, I was young and Tom was my lesson, my growing up, I still love him, I will always love him… and he led me further, to Keith. This with Keith - this is real love…”…

The depositor of her Venus (marriage) is the Sun at 29° Gemini, which also points out towards a great possibility of an end (29° - end) of the marriage. As she married Tom at the very beginning of the Sun’s period (from 22 to 41), i.e. when she was 23, than precisely through the position of her Sun at the 8th (change, transformation), at 29° (the degree of an end) of Gemini (dual sign, implying a great possibility of two marriages), we may conclude that this marriage is to have its end… The Sun, through its depository Mercury, goes to the sign of Cancer (family), which only at first may improve things here, but also into a square with Mars (Nicole) at the 12th, at the degree of the Sun’s fall, thus, in her marriage with Tom, Nicole loses herself, loses her energy, which ends in depression in the end. Of course, I will emphasize that the sextile of Mercury from Cancer (as the depository of the Sun) with Uranus and Pluto in the 11th (social type of institutions) has given her a possibility to adopt children.

Keith Urban

However, only when a man came into her life, who activated her Mars (the ruler of the South Node from her chart, who carries along Saturn (her personal Moon – genetics) from the 6th – physiology), this woman has revived the Dragon inside herself and she exalted (Mars goes through Venus to the 10th, which is the house of the exaltation of this planet) from the 12th (darkness), she improved her physiology, she strengthened (Mars through Venus goes from the exile into the fire sign of Leo, which gives good grounds for Mars, as its it a fire planet), which has finally brought to her the long wanted children.

Mars is the depository of the second ruler of 5 (children), Neptune, which is in the 1st (herself) in Nicole’s chart and close to the fixed star Unukhalhai from the constellation of Serpens, which speaks about that we all have within our personal healer (doctor), i.e. it speaks about healing. Neptune requires here, of course, a lot of unconditional faith… Keith Urban has the midpoint between Venus and Neptune at 19° Libra 29’, on Nicole’s Mars, so this is the person in charge of waking Nicole’s faith in love again, as she has said herself… “I am having a great time with Keith, he is very thoughtful, he writes romantic letters to me every evening… All this gives me energy and it makes me feel great… I have no doubts at all, even when we are physically separated, we are together, I simply, believe in our love…”

New Family

In the year of her wedding with Nicole, on 25th June 2006, Keith had his 1-7 axis in the directions (moving for 1° in 1 year) at 18° Leo 58’, which is in an exact sextile-trine with Mars of Nicole at 18° Libra 50’. Also, the axis 12-6 is also interesting (the axis describing partnership from the past life) from the Keith’s chart, as it also supports Mars from the 12th (past life) of Nicole, which can also lead to a conclusion that they have known each other from a past life… In this life, Keith has a channel through the cusp of his 12th (night), hence, the romantic letters he keeps sending to Nicole every night are quite calming for her…. Finally, the very position of the Moon (wife) in Keith’s chart, in the sign of Cancer, offers a possibility for Nicole to realize herself as a mother through the relationship with him.

The first daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was born in 2008 and soon after the second Feith Margareth Kidman Urban, in 2010. The family lives a quiet life, on their property in Nashville (Tennessee), as the ruler of Ascendant of Nicole Kidman, Mars in its shadow, in Libra, in the 12th agrees well with… 

The Moon’s Nodes present the primary opposition that exists and has existed before the birth of each one of us. These are the two opposites that are mutually trying to get together. At the moment when we manage to put the Nodes together, we get out of the area of causes and consequences. The rules of Nodes in the chart’s of Nicole, Mars (the ruler of the South Node) and Venus (the ruler of the North Node) make a strong applying sextile, thus, with the help of her second husband, Keith Urban, she manages to put her past and future in balance…

After “purification”, a new life begins…

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