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Sophia Loren – One Love for Entire Life Published: 10th June 2013 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Sophia Loren – One Love for Entire Life
Published: 10th June 2013 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić


A famous Italian actress of Mediterranean beauty, which has not faded away, Sophia Loren, broke many hearts, but remained faithful only to one man, her 22-years’ old husband Carlo Ponti, the man to whom she even married twice, the man who has been her support for more than 50 years, until his death separated them (in 2007). Carlo Ponti, a famous Italian film producer, is somebody who has lived in the natal chart of Sophia Loren, thus we can say that he was her inevitability. Also, Sophia Loren is somebody who may be decoded in the natal chart of Carlo Ponti. If this had not been the case, those two people would have, during their lives, been nothing more but passers-by…

Carlo Ponti in the natal chart of Sophia Loren

Sophia’s cusp of the 7th house (marriage, partner) is at 5° Cancer, whereas the Moon (the ruler of Cancer) is at 20° Aquarius and moving towards retrograde Saturn (herself, as Saturn is the ruler of her Ascendant at 5° Capricorn) at 22° Aquarius. 

This is a picture of a successful film producer in the chart of Sophia Loren, who is going towards her (application conjunction), having in mind that the midpoint of this conjunction is the very degree of Neptune’s exaltation (21° Aquarius) – movie, glamour! Also, this is a picture of an older partner (Saturn characterizing the ruler of 7), whom Sophia has a natural inclination towards. In addition to her marriage with Carlo bringing her fulfillment of a dream, a fairy tale, magic, success in Hollywood (two Oscars), i.e. everything that 21° Aquarius is, expansion across the ocean (… a trine with Jupiter in 9 – the world, the ruler of 12 – far away places) – this relationship brought to her, first of all, financial stability and security (the Moon – Saturn conjunction in the 2nd house), to which she was inclined to ever since she was a little girl. Namely, Sophia Loren grew up only with her mother and she never met her father (Uranus at the cusp of the 4th house, with the ruler of 4 – Venus – in 8, in conjunction with Neptune). She lived a modest life and money was, from the very first days of her life, something she was missing very much (the Moon conjunction Saturn in the second house), thus she started earning her living rather early, thanks to her striking and breathtaking beauty and curves. She appeared in many commercials, earning her living in such a way. However, her taking part in Miss Italy 1950 was the crucial moment of her life. 

At this event, her eyes met, for the first time, with the look in the eyes of Carlo Ponti, who was a member of the jury of the event, and, as they both stated afterwards, “This was love at first sight; we fell in love with each other at the same time!” Namely, the beginning of her career is attributed to this movie producer. Thanks to him, Sophia started studying English and started acting. He provided to her a series of movie roles and introduced her into the world of glamour. Sophia fell madly in love with Carlo – Venus at 11° Virgo, in the natal chart of this actress, is the ruler of her 4 (her personal Moon – emotions), but also the ruler of her 5 (love) is in conjunction with Neptune (infatuation) at 12° Virgo and it is positioned in her 8 house (her deep love). The very conjunction in the sigh of Virgo could be a picture of love achieved through work or work-related, which was the case here. The very Venus is making a sextile here towards the Ascendant – Descendant axis, which points out to love that has a potential of developing into marriage. The dispositor of Venus is Mercury at 15° Libra (the royal degree), which practically brings her Venus from the sign of her fall into her domicile, and to a very powerful degree, in 9 (the world, education), in conjunction with Jupiter (expansion) and to a trine with 21° Aquarius (the midpoint of the Moon – Carlo, popularity, and Saturn – Sophia, stability), thus this changes her life completely in every possible way. I will also add that Venus, as it describes the period from 14 to 22 in the life of every single person, and, in the life of Sophia Loren, it is more than significant, as precisely the period of Venus has changed the life of this woman!

She was only 15 (the period of Venus) and he was 37 (the period of the Sun – from 22 to 41) when they met. A huge age difference, at the time, was considered to be an obstacle, but also a scandal, as the producer was married at the time (even though the union with his first wife Giulianne had terminated), while  divorce was not legally possible in Italy. At first, they were hiding their relationship (Venus – Neptune conjunction), though it was impossible to hide anything from all too curious journalists. Despite all the obstacles, numerous judgments by the public, in 1954 Carlo gave her a diamond ring and Sophia, in addition to ‘moving’ into his heart, also moved into his home. They started living together and stopped hiding their love…

Sophia Loren in the natal chart of Carlo Ponti 

If we look at the natal chart of Carlo Ponti, Sophia Loren is seen at Carlo’s Venus at 28° Capricorn 16’ (the ruler of intercepted Libra in 7 – a secret relationship that appears while his first marriage still lasts), which is in conjunction with the Moon at 21° Capricorn (the ruler of 5 – love), but also in conjunction with Uranus (freedom) at 1° Aquarius, thus Sophia was somebody who, in addition to bringing love to Carlo, also brought him some form of liberation…

This liberation is also supported by the position of this conjunction in the 11th house. The Moon (family) from Capricorn adds nuances to Venus (Sophia) here, which is a picture of Sophia coming from a poor family (Capricorn – the sign of Jupiter’s fall). The opposition with Neptune from the 5th house is a picture of a secret love affair. However, as the dispositor of Venus (Sophia) is Saturn at 29° Taurus, which brings Venus (but the Moon as well) to the sign of its domicile (and exaltation), as well as to a sextile with Neptune (thus resolving the initial opposition), then it is not difficult to conclude that Carlo has, precisely with Sophia, realized his love dream, the dream about having a family (later – 29° is the degree of waiting, they got two sons, Carlo Jr. (1968) and Eduard (1973))… However, before that, they had to fight with the law, which had no understanding for love… In addition to this, this Venus – just like in the chart of Sophie – builds here a trine sextile with the Ascendant – Descendant axis (which is on the axis of Venus’ awakening), which in his horoscope particularly points out to love that he will have with her.

The First Wedding in 1957

As it was impossible to divorce in Italy, Carlo Ponti organized, through his legal representatives, a divorce in Mexico and, on 17th September 1957, he married Sophia Loren. The wedded couple organized a private celebration at home. However, their joy lasted for a very short time, as the following month the Catholic Church charged Carlo with bigamy and it turned out that his marriage with Sophia will not be recognized. Instead of a honeymoon, Sophia faced a river of tears, going through a great disappointment(Venus–Neptune conjunction). Still, as she explained herself, she continued believing in their love (Venus – Neptune conjunction is also the picture of believing in love)… 

Annulment of the First Marriage

If we look at the natal chart of Carlo Ponti, then apart from seeing that his Ascendant is at 27° Pisces (the degree of exaltation of Venus), which quite surely puts him to the very top of the movie industry, what is the most striking about his chart is that the ruler of Ascendant – Jupiter (the essential significator for the law, and in his case the ruler of 9 – laws, the second marriage) – the top of “Yod” and the planet which everything spins around. “Yod” consists of Saturn from 29° Taurus (carrying the Moon – Venus conjunction from Capricorn, as well as Uranus from Aquarius, all of which is a picture of the very Sophie Loren), as well as Neptune (the second ruler of his Ascendant) from 25° Cancer from the 5th house (love). All this is a picture of a potential problem with the law, legality and precisely with the very Vatican (Jupiter in Sagittarius). After years and years of dragging the case in courts, the couple had no other choice but to annul the marriage, which they did in 1962. Later, in 1966, Carlo Ponti got French citizenship, which will be a way out of this whole tensed situation. Namely, Carlo has an exit out of “Yod” precisely across the point, i.e. Pluto (deep transformation) from 29° Gemini 14’, i.e. Carlo has a “Boomerang” configuration that offers to him resolution of any problem. As the ruler of Ascendant of France (Paris, the capital) – the Moon, which is positioned at 28° Gemini 27’, which touches the point that we call “Boomerang” in the chart of Carlo, as is the very cusp of Carlo’s 4 (homeland) – it is no wonder that, later on, the city of light will become a new home of the famous Italian movie producer.

If we look back now to the moment when Sophia entered into the life of this man, then we see that he was then in the Sun period of his life (37 years old), which is positioned in his chart at 19° Sagittarius and which is in separation (the past) conjunction with the retrograde Mercury at 13° Sagittarius (the ruler of 7 – his first wife, Guiliana), and this really is the picture of Carlo who was, at the time, already separated from his first wife, precisely at the moment when Sophia entered into his life.
That the first marriage (13° Sagittarius) is a form of an obstacle for Carlo is seen from the fact that, on the date of the first wedding of Sophia and Carlo, his Venus in the directions (the ruler of intercepted Libra in 7 – a secret relationship during the first marriage, namely, Sophia Loren) was at 13° Pisces, where the Moon in the directions was (the ruler of 7) of Sophie. Of course, we immediately see that this is the very degree of Mercury’s fall (signature) and that all of it is in a square (problem) with 13° Sagittarius (Carlo’s first marriage) in his 9 (the law), in Sagittarius (the Vatican). Simply, then it was not the right time for a wedding (signature), as 13° Pisces requests of us to be quiet, not to talk, but, also, not to sign either…

To all of this, I would add that in the Davison relationship horoscope of Sophia and Carlo, they have Uranus (divorce) at 13° Pisces, in the 7th house (Sophia, as a younger in the relationship, but also what this relationship is turned into in time), thus annulment of the marriage was inevitable. However, after divorce, Sophia remained in a love relationship with Carlo, and their love for each other was growing deeper and deeper…

The Second Wedding in 1966

Disappointed by their country, Italy, in 1966 Carlo and Sophia obtained French citizenship, which enabled Carlo to finally, in a legal manner, finalizes divorce with his first wife, thus removing all the obstacles to happiness of these two people. They got married in a Paris municipality, on 9th April 1966. Precisely that month, the secondary Moon (the ruler of 7 – marriage) of Sophie Loren was at 21° Aries, making an exact sextile with 21° Aquairus (the midpoint of the ruler of 1 and 7), while in the diurnal (daily horoscope for Paris) of Sophie Loren, the cusp of 7 (marriage, wedding) it was neither more nor less but at exactly 21° Aquarius. All these together was a picture of
realization of a dream, precisely in the city of light, in Paris.

Sometimes it takes to change place (Jupiter), as this affects further flow of our destiny (Saturn)…

Paris and 21° Aquarius

On the other side, even though this Article is not a mundane astrology article, I cannot resist using this opportunity to inform you about the significance of 21° Aquarius (the degree of Neptune’s exaltation) for Paris itself! Namely, the first association for the city of light (though France is primarily linked to the sign of Leo – Light) is, of course, the famous Eiffel Tower, which was named after its creator – Gustave Eiffel (15th December 1832, 20:00, Dijon, France, with Asc at 11° Leo). When the natal chart of this man is progressed to the moment when the Eiffel Tower was officially shown to the whole world (31st March 1889), then we find his Sun in the progressions(the ruler of his Ascendant) precisely at 21° Aquarius! If we think further, Paris may truly be linked to the degree of exaltation of Neptune, as this is the city of fashion design, perfumes (the famous Coco Chanel), Disneyland… all of these being in the symbolism of the exalted Neptune. It could have also been seen recently that Paris is “sensitive” to this degree. Namely, the Sun eclipse (obscuration of the Sun) of 13th November 2012 from 21° Scorpio 56’ (the star Unukalhai from the constellation Serpens – is linked to doctors, healers) took precisely on that date dissatisfied doctors onto the streets of Paris, who got on strike (…square with 21° Aquarius – Paris).

Why did Sophia Loren refuse Cary Granta?

When a woman enters the life of a man and becomes his wife, she becomes everything what is the Moon in his chart. As Carlo’s Moon (woman) is in Capricorn (stability, career), which is, through the dispositor (Saturn at 29°Taurus) in the sign of its exaltation, also being at a very exotic place (29°), as in a sextile with Neptune (dream) in Cancer (family) – Sophia, after marrying Carlo, became a symbol of a wife, mother and housewife (it is well known that Sophia has excellent culinary skills).
However, despite being married to Ponti, a famous Hollywood actor Cary Grant fell in love with the Italian actress so much, when they were shooting the movie “Pride and Passion” (1958), that he even proposed her to marry him. However, Sophia refused his proposal, stating that she would never be able to do this, as Carlo was not only her husband, but her family (even though they were already facing bigamy charges at the time). If we should find Cary Grant if the chart of Sophia, then, judging by the movie title, we may suspect that the famous Hollywood actor was presented by Mars (passion) at 13° (passion) Leo (pride) in her 7th house (marriage) in opposition to the Moon – Saturn conjunction (Carlo and Sophia) at 21° Aquarius, thus this is the picture of a problem (opposition) for Cary Grand to establish a relationship with the Italian beauty. The dispositor of Mars is the Sun, almost at the degree of the Venus’s fall (27° Virgo), thus Cary Grant remains deprived of love in this story…

„I have chosen Carlo, as for me, he was a fatherly figure, he was very protective of me, he was a calm man and I liked it all very much… From the first moment, I knew that I could make a family with him that I never had…”

21st December 2013                             

Precisely this year, 2013, Venus (love) will start its retrograde movement, from 28° Capricorn 59’, where Carlo’s Venus is (Sophia). What is interesting is the very meeting of the retrograde Venus and the Sun at 21° Capricorn (in the beginning of January 2014), which will touch the Moon itself (the ruler of 5 – love) of Carlo Ponti, thus the time of the retrograde Venus, which is ahead of us, - the time during which this incredible story that lasted for 50 years may become of a bigger significance… How? It remains to be seen… Precisely on the day of the so-called “lower conjunction” of the retrograde Venus and the Sun (11th January 2014), there will be anniversary of Carlo’s death, more precisely, 7 years since Carlo passed away. In any case, this will be a special time for the famous Italian actress…

When Sophia was recently asked whether she was planning to marry again, she responded: “No, never again! It would be impossible to love anybody else!”

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