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UK GENERAL ELECTION, 12th December 2019 & The Full Moon at 19º Gemini Published: 3rd November, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić ISAR CAP

UK GENERAL ELECTION, 12th December 2019 & The Full Moon at 19º Gemini
Published: 3rd  November, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić ISAR CAP

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  On 24 July 2019, the day following Johnson's election as Conservative Party leader, Queen Elizabeth II accepted Theresa May's resignation and appointed Johnson as prime minister. This made Johnson the second prime minister to be born outside of the British Isles, after fellow Conservative, Bonar Law. Well, Mercury was retrograde, which led us to believe  (even then) that he would not hold office for long.

As we all know, Boris Johnson holds dual citizenship. He was born in New York, to British parents. His MC at 12º Cancer 52’ (his reputation, his career) is very close with the biggest fixed star Sirius 13 º  Cancer (’Watcher of Europe’) which ’fits’ very well with this story – born in the United States, and prime minister of the United Kingdom. Do I have to remind you that the US has the Sun (its president) at 13 º  Cancer (Sirius fixed star). In an interview in early June 2019, just before visiting the UK, US President Donald Trump endorsed Johnson for the role, saying of the election: "I think Boris would do a very good job" of being prime minister.  

 In his first speech as PM, Johnson promised that the United Kingdom would leave the European Union on 31 October 2019 with or without a deal.  On 28 August 2019, Johnson declared he had asked the Queen to prorogue parliament from 10 September, narrowing the window in which parliament could block a no-deal Brexit. Prorogation was approved by the Queen at Privy Council later the same day, and it began on 10 September, scheduled to last until 14 October. It has been suggested by some that this prorogation amounts to a self-coup, and on 31 August 2019, protests occurred in towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom. As of 2 September 2019, three separate court cases challenging Johnson's action were in progress or were scheduled to take place, and on 11 September 2019, three Scottish judges ruled the prorogation of the UK Parliament to be unlawful. On 12 September Johnson denied lying to the queen over suspension of the parliament, while a Belfast Court rejected claims that his Brexit plans will have a negative impact on Northern Ireland's peace policy. On 24 September, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Johnson's advice to prorogue parliament was unlawful, and therefore the prorogation was rendered null and of no effect.

On 3 September 2019, Johnson indicated he would call a general election under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act after opposition and rebel Conservative MPs successfully voted against the government to take control of the order of business with a view to preventing a no-deal Brexit. Despite growing government opposition, a bill to block a no-deal Brexit passed the Commons on 4 September 2019, causing Johnson to propose a general election on 15 October. However, his motion was unsuccessful as it failed to command the support of two-thirds of the House.

On 29th October 2019 the United Kingdom is set to go to the polls on 12 December after MPs backed Boris Johnson's call for an election following months of Brexit deadlock. By a margin of 438 votes to 20, the House of Commons approved legislation paving the way for the first December election since 1923. The bill is still to be approved by the Lords but could become law by the end of the week (when I am writing this article). If that happens, there will be a five-week campaign, up and until polling day. The prime minister has said the public must be "given a choice" over the future of Brexit and the country. Boris Johnson had tried and failed three times to get Parliament's backing for an early election. But on this occasion, MPs approved the necessary legislation after just six hours of debate.

Boris Johnson hopes the election will give him a fresh mandate for his Brexit deal and break the current Parliamentary deadlock, which has led to the UK's exit being further delayed to 31 January 2020. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "This election is a once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country and take on the vested interests holding people back."He said his party would "now launch the most ambitious and radical campaign for real change that our country has ever seen". 

Shadow Cabinet minister Andrew Gwynne said voters faced a choice between "five more years of Boris Johnson's slash and burn politics" and a Labour government genuinely on the side of working people.

But some Labour MPs have expressed misgivings over the timing of the election, believing only another referendum can settle the Brexit question for good. More than 100 Labour MPs did not take part or abstained in Tuesday's crucial vote, while 11 voted against an election. A total of 127 Labour MPs, including Mr Corbyn, supported the election. 

However, let us take a look at the chart for the moment of the poll sites opening (12 December, 2019, 7:00 am, London, as capital of the UK). The 10th house always represents the ruling candidate – in this case it is Boris Johnson and Conservative Party of the UK), while the 4th house in this case represents the opposition in country (usually we take main opposite parties – Liberal party, Labour party...)


We see Libra at MC (10th house), so, Venus is the ruler, and Venus represents Boris Johnson! Venus is at 20 º  Capricorn 09’, still out-of-bounds which means Boris took a risk with the upcoming election (Venus finishes her OOB journey one day after election, on 13 December, 2019), applying to Pluto 21º  Capricorn 46’. Pluto will bring to Boris and his party deep transformation and change. We must say that Venus is at midpoint between Saturn (old) and Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (conservative), and has inconjunction with the Moon 20º  Gemini 52’. Inconjunction brings problems, and the Moon represents the UK people as voters. As the Moon is in Gemini (younger population), probably they won’t give support to Boris’ way of dealing with Brexit. By its dispositor (Saturn) Venus in Capricorn (Boris Johnson) stays in Capricorn, where Venus does not have some important dignity, there is neutral land for Venus, we can say...

On the other hand, if we now check the ruler of IC (i.e. 4th house – opposition in country), we can see Aries at IC, so, Mars is the ruler. Mars has very strong placment in this chart, it is in 11th house (Parliement of the UK), and it is in Scorpio (domicile, i.e. Mars is at home), and at 15º  Scorpio 12’, which is the end of ’Via Combusta’ (Via Combusta begins at 15 º  Libra 00’ and ends at 15 º  Scorpio 00’), and this might suggest to us that there will be some end of ’suffering’ for opposition, this is the end of ’burning way’. Mars has a strongly applying trine with Neptune at 15 º  Pisces 59’, in domicile too, and Neptune always knows to help when we speak about politics, because it brings some kind of unvisible support. Having support from 12th house, Pisces, Neptune – is more then welcome when we speak about elections in one country. After all, politics is: Neptune, Pisces, 12th house.  

I predict that the opposition in the UK will have an extremely good chance on 12 December 2019, bringing to people of the UK some kind of ’end of the dark’, leaving ’burning way’ behind...

 The Full Moon Election Day

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the general election will occur on the day of the Full Moon over axis 19 º  Gemini/19 º  Sagittarius, which also tells us there might be some disconnection between people, voters (the Moon) and the current PM (the Sun), Boris Johnson. As you know, the Full Moon is an opposition between the Moon and the Sun and the nature of every opostion is – Uranus (change, unexpected outcome, stress...). The choice of having national elections on the day of the full moon is never a good idea for any ruling party! 

If we take a look on Asc for the election day, we see Sagittarius rising, Jupiter in Capricorn is the ruler, and it also may speak about Boris and Conservative Party. Jupiter in Capricorn is in its fall, i.e. this is not a good position for Jupiter. And, by dispositor (Saturn) it stays in Capricorn. The ruler of Desc (parties across Boris) is Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury is in exile there, but, by its disposition (Jupiter) it goes in Capricorn, which makes the position better. However, is one more sign that the Conservative Party may have problems with the upcoming general elections.

If we now take a look on Boris Johnson’s chart, we can see his secondary progressed Moon (the natal ruler of his MC-his reputation, his career) at 11 º  Scorpio (Uranus’ exaltation degree), in oposition with Mars 11 º  Taurus in the chart of the UK. Mars represents workers (this reminds me of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn), and for sure in Taurus (money issues), and at Uranus’ fall degree (a lot of stress) might punish Boris’ politically. It is interesting that at 11 º  Taurus right now Boris has his Solar Arc Chiron (wounds), which literally brings to workers in the UK wounds. Also, take a look at Boris’ natal Moon, it has inconjunction (problems) with his natal Mars 1 º  Gemini. So, he has that pattern, and now it is repeating, he attracts that by itself...   


 Boris has in his natal chart a strong opposition between Jupiter at 15 º  Taurus in his 8th house, and Neptune at 15 º  Scorpio in his 2nd house. Transit Mars on 12 December at 15 º  Scorpio will ’call-out’ his Jupiter/Neptune opositon, and his Jupiter, as well as his Neptune, carry within themselves all that lives in Pisces in his chart – we can see Saturn and Chiron are in Pisces in his chart, and Chiron squares his natal Mercury 19 º  Gemini, where the Full Moon will occur on the day of elections. This might hurt him in some way. Also, regarding Profections (a traditional astrological tool), Boris Johnson right now lives through his 8th house (malefic house, house of ’death’, transformation, endings), so again we get the same – there is Jupiter in Taurus, in opposition with Neptune across, and transit Mars ’opens’ that opposition in his chart. Ruler of his 8th is Venus and in his current Solar Return chart Venus is in Gemini, in square with Neptune, and in opposition with Jupiter – this all could bring him disappoitments, because he goes over limits (oposition with Jupiter), not accepting to see reality (square with Neptune). Also, both planets, Jupiter, as well as Neptune in his current Solar Return chart are in square (problems).  


Boris’ Solar Arc Uranus (unexpected change, stress..) is at 29 º  Libra 31’, at the very end of the sign of Libra, preparing soon to cross over his natal Moon (the ruler of his MC-his reputation, his career) at 0 º  Scorpio 36’, which also speaks about big unexpected change regarding his reputation. Have in mind that his Moon is in fall, in Scorpio, and it is not very strong (transit Uranus from Taurus already ’shakes’ it in some way).  


Secondary progressed Mars of Boris is siting at MC of the UK for a while, at 9 º  Cancer, bringing to the UK some kind of hurting, because Mars in Cancer is in its fall. It is like he is trying to ’push’ something so hard which harms the UK, and at the same time harms himself,  that  it is like he is a ’soldier who is going to die’ because of his actions. Mars in Cancer should stay in peace, not taking any actions...

The upcoming Christmas Solar eclipse at 4 º  Capricorn (26th Dec, 2019) will make conjunction with Boris’ South  Node and this is also not a good sign, because an eclipse is always some kind of ’black hole’, and South Node is the place in our chart where we should digest our mistakes and take some lessons. The South Node very often brings some loss. 

I’ve also noticed in Boris’ current Solar Return  the Moon (the ruler of his natal MC-his reputation, career) at the very end of the sign of Capricorn, at 29 º  Capricorn, which is not a good sign, because it is an anaretic degree which portends endings too. Also, it is a big transition point if we take the fact that after 29 º  Capricorn – 0 º  Aquarius comes.  

If we now check progressions of the UK, we can see secondary progressed Venus (the ruler of its Libra rising-the main athmosphere in one country, the capital city) at the very end of the sign of Gemini, at 29 º  Gemini, which means that the UK is under transition, in the middle of two options (Gemini).  There is the fixed star Betlegeuse (Orion constellation) which we link directly with New York (Boris was born there). So, very soon, when it touches 0 Cancer, during the second part of 2020 – the UK will start its new journey, totally different. Also, take a look on secondary progressed Asc of the UK for 12 Dec, 2019-it is at 19 º  Gemini, where the Full Moon is happening on the same day! This is an extremely big sign that the UK is under the influence of that lunation, and the Full Moon always brings culmination! Have on your mind that Jeremy Corbyn has his natal Mercury at 19 º  Gemini, and his natal Mercury is very important in his chart, it is the ruler of his MC (his reputation), it has only good aspects, and it is his solar return ruler by Profections (traditional astrological tool).  


 On the other hand, we must additionally take note that at 29 º  Gemini, there is natal Uranus in the chart of Jeremy Corbyn. Uranus is ruler of his natal 3rd house (voters, his speeches, all that he says or writes, his decisions), which means that this man may have an unexpected influence on the voting population in the UK. Jeremey’s secondary progressed Sun is at 12 º  Leo (in conjunction with the Queen Elizabeth’s II natal Moon) which might be such a big sign for a special meeting between Jeremy and the Queen! Moreover, Jeremy’s Asc 24 º  Scorpio ’sits’ at Queen’s natal MC 24 º  Scorpio, both houses are angular and this is very big sign too, bringing them in some kind of connection.  

His Solar Arc Moon is at 29 º  Cancer 23’, making semi-sextile with his natal Saturn at 29 º  Leo 52’ (as he has in his natal chart the Moon square Saturn, this semi-sextile helps him a great deal, because only once during his life he has this aspect in directions, and we take even semi-sextile as aspect). His Solar Arc Asc is at 1 º  Aquarius 23’ and it will very soon touch his natal Jupiter at 2 º  Aquarius 07’. Jupiter always speaks about some title, high position. His MC (career, reputation) is in Virgo, and Mercury is  the ruler. Mercury is retro which brings him problems to become the ruler easy, and there must be some repeating. However, his natal Mercury at 16 º  Gemini has trine with Neptune 12 º  Libra, and right now in transits, Neptune squares his natal Mercury which ’pushes’ him and helps him. Transit Neptune sits at the top of his IC, ’moving’ at the same time his MC across, which is good for politics, and showing on television, in medias. His secondary progressed Sun at 12 º  Leo is making exact sextile with his natal Neptune 12 º  Libra-this works for him too! On the election day, his secondary progressed Moon is at 0 º  Capricorn 51’, at the beginning of new journey, and by dispositor (his Saturn at 29 º  Leo) is very close to the royal fixed star, Regulus (’Watcher of the North’). I must add that by Profections, Jeremy lives through his 11th house (he is 70 years old), which is much stronger than Boris’ 8th house. In 11th house we find political parties, organisations, and this is also the house of fortune and luck! We find Virgo in his chart as 11th sign from his Scorpio rising, which    indicates that we should check his natal Mercury, as well as his Solar Return Mercury. His natal Mercury, as I’ve already stated is retrograde (he can’t become the ruler easily, he must try several times), but it is in domicile, in Gemini, so it is strong. Also, the Full Moon 19 º  Gemini on election day on 12 Dec, 2019 is going to work well for him, because his retrograde Mercury has trine with Neptune in Libra, sextile with Pluto in Leo. Transit Neptune from Pisces with square now helps him. In his current Solar Return his Mercury has challenges, but it will work now for him, because in natal chart he has only good (lazy) Mercury’s aspects, so he needs squares and oppositions in transits because it will make him to manifest. Also, I have to add that his natal Venus ’colours’ his natal retrograde Mercury, which means we should check his Venus in current Solar Return. We can see Venus has strong placment, she is in Taurus (in domicile) and in angular house (7th house), which also brings him strength. 


If we check Solar Arc of UK for election day, we find Solar Arc Asc at 11 º  Taurus 49’, conjunction the UK’s Mars (workers) at 11 º  Taurus 46’, as well as Solar Arc Chiron of Boris Johnson at 11 º  Taurus, and ’hitting’ the secondary progressed Moon of Boris across, at 11 º  Scorpio. This leads me to believe that the Labour Party will have a great outcome in the upcoming elections.  


Transit Saturn on 12 December 2019 is at 19 º  Capricorn 10’, making an opposition with the Moon of the UK in its 10th (rulers) at 19 º  Cancer 26’, which also speaks about some kind of test for the rulers of the country, specially for the Queen Elizabeth II (the Moon is a woman, female). Saturn will ’remove’ all old patterns and keep only what is the good for the country, even people maybe won’t see in the beginning the good in the outcome of election. But, time  (Saturn) will show... Maybe even the Queen will have to accept that some old patterns the couuntry still has must leave or be transformed. 

What I also found interesting is the Queen’s secondary progressed Sun (the main head figure in country) is changing signs after 30 years, leaving traditional sign Cancer and steping into the sign of Leo, i.e. it comes at 0 º  Leo 04’ for election day, squaring Boris’ natal Moon (the ruler of his MC-his career, his reputation). This is the big indicator that the UK may get totally new kind of person as the PM. 

Prenatal and postnatal eclipses of Boris Johnson:

The last prenatal eclipse of Boris Johnson occured on 10th June 1964, it was solar one, and it was at 19 º  Gemini-exactly where the Full Moon will occur on 12th December 2019! The ruler of his prental eclipse is his Mercury, in square with Chiron –some self-wounding because of his words, decisions.. His first post-natal eclipse was on 25th June 1964, it was at 3 º  Capricorn, the lunar one, very close with his natal South Node (loss) and there will be the upcoming Christmas eclipse, very close, at 4 º  Capricorn.The ruler of his postnatal eclipse is Saturn in Pisces, in opposition with Uranus / Pluto conjunction in Virgo, and in square with his Mars Gemini (the ruler of his Scorpio’s Moon).  

As we can see, Boris was born between two eclipses, which brings into his life a lot of challenges, a lot of ’black holes’, and he should be very careful, trying not to make ’self-jump’...

What about Nigel Farage (Brexit Party UK)?

Boris Johnson rejects Nigel Farage’s Brexit pact to leave EU without making a deal, so let’s take a look on Nigel’s chart. He is Virgo rising, with Gemini at MC, which means that Mercury rules his Asc as well as his MC. Nigel’s Mercury is at 2 º  Taurus (Uranus will turn direct in January 2020 exactly from the same place within the Zodiac, giving him some wind in his back, unexpected. As Nigel’s natal Mercury has only good aspects, sextile with Saturn from Pisces, trine with Uranus in Virgo, and trine/sextile with axis of lunar nodes, we may expect that Uranus’ crossing over his natal Mercury will bring him suddnely good change. This man could surprise us with the result regarding the upcoming general election in UK! But, we must notice that the dispositor of his Mercury at 2 º  Taurus is Venus at anaretic 29 º  Taurus (the nebula star Pleiades, so-called ’Weeping sisters’).So , he migth start well, but then some ’crying’ over election result is possible... After all, he probably  won’t have majority even his result may be very well. As he has secondary progressed Moon (the people of the UK) at 9 º  Capricorn (at the same place the Queen Elizabeth II is having her progressed Moon), in the moment of election, which is IC of UK, of course we may suspect he will have some influnece specially in rural enviroment of the UK, in the countryside, more then in bigger cities. When we check his Solar Arc direction, I found as interesting his Solar Arc Uranus at 0 º  Scorpio, making conjunciton with natal Moon of Boris Johnson. As the Moon is ruler of Boris’ MC (his reputation, career), this all means that Nigel Farage is bringing to Boris very big unexpected stress! As Boris rejected coalition with Nigel, we may expect Nigel will start to ’shake’ (Uranus) Boris’ campaign. 

By Profections, Nigel is under the influence of his natal 8th house during his current Solar Return (from April 2019 until his next birthday in April 2020), the same as Boris. As I’ve said above, 8th house is not easy journey, it is a house of ’death’, endings, transformation. Moreover, he has in his natal 8th in Aries, Mars at 4 º  Aries, in squares with lunar axis nodes, and the upcoming Christmas eclipse at 4 º  Capricorn will open it, with square, making him to do a lot, but also not allowing him to finish what he started. In his current Solar Return chart, Mars in in angular house (in 7th) so he will be very active in public life, it is at 2 º  Gemini (interesting, Boris’ natal Mars is at 1 Gemini, which means that two of them are going to fight together a lot). Having Mars in Gemini means that fight most of all will be with using words as their main weapon. What is not promissing is that his Solar Return Mars from Gemini, and angular house (which gives him some power) goes by Mercury (its dispositor) in Pisces, in 3rd house (which does not have so much power as angular one) – he will be like he ’burnt himself’ from too much action (Mercury in Pisces in square with Jupiter in Sagittarius).   


His last prenatal eclipse was on 14 January 1964, at 23 Capricorn (Solar one), and his first postnatal eclipse was also the Solar one, at 19 º  Gemini (on 10th June 1964). Remember, that was the last prenatal Boris’ eclipse, and there will be the Full Moon on election day in December! Both rulers of Nigel’s eclipses are in sextile, Saturn and Mercury, which is really promissing for him, giving him opportunity in this life to live heaven on the earth. What is not so well is the dispositor of his Mercury (ruler of his Asc-he, and his MC-his reputation) at the very end of the sign of Taurus, at 29 º  Taurus (’Weeping sisters’). He may start well, but the outcome might be totally different... With 29 º  we alaways have some problems, endings, it is a transiton point, always...   

Jo Swinson (Liberal Democratic Party UK) – one woman in race?

 As her time of birth is uknown, I did not exploer her chart, it was enough for me to take a look at the UK’s chart, because it has the Moon (female) in 10th house (rulers), at 19 º  Cancer, and in the moment of elections transit Saturn will be across, at 19 º  Capricorn, puting this lady on some kind of test. Maybe it is not her time, yet?  Pluto very close already did some transformation of her, and it might hurt her still.  

Anyway,  I would focus on that secondary progressed Sun (PM) in the chart of the Queen Elizabeth II is chaning the sign after 30 years, leaving 29 º  Cancer and touching 0 º  Leo 04’ on the day of election. The Sun always presents male figure, and within the sing of Leo for sure it must be a man!And, her progressed Sun is traveling home, the Sun in Leo is in domicile! So, this is the image of very powerful male figure! Also, I found as interesting secondary progressed Sun of the UK at 14 º  Leo 50’, conjunction with secondary progressed Jupiter of the UK at 15 º  Leo 19’. Within the royal sign of  Leo, the center of this sign we  also call –the royal place! The Sun rules of 11th house in the chart of the UK, represents Parliament of the UK, and Jupiter is the ruler of 6th house (workers in country). 

So, again one more sign that Labour party  UK may get an important place within the UK Parliament, i.e. Conservative Party may won’t get majority and it will have to make some kind of coalition with opposite party (parties).

Chart sources:
Boris Johnson’s, Jeremy Corbyn’s, Nigel Farage’s,  as well as the Queen Elizabeth’s II  charts were taken at www.astro.com
Jo Swinson – time of birth uknkown
The UK chart source is „The Book of World Horoscope“ by Nick Campion

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