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Soul Connections „DIARY OF ONE LOVE“ and of INΦINITY Published: 10th October 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Soul Connections 

Published: 10th October 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article was first published by IAM - Infinity Astrological Magazine (#IAM21 Sept/Oct 2018 #Soul Connections Issue). You can order digital/hard copy of the same if you click here

The Earth looks for the Moon, the Moon looks for the Earth...

Let’s go back, to the past...

2nd April, 2012, Kikinda, my home town, Serbia

Soul Connections – Draconic Horoscope

Everybody carries within not only the story of one’s own life, but also of many other lives that are mutually and unconsciously intertwined. Draconic horoscope is one of those horoscopes that gives the secret depiction of the Soul, describes connections with people we know from previous lives, showing that our feelings are not exclusively ours at all…

We all have somebody we love, with whom we are “close”, who we feel deeply and in whom we recognize something of our own… My first meeting with Josipa Lisac occurred couple of months ago, in November 2011, when she had a concert in my hometown. Even before I used to love her, listen to her music, watch her on TV, but the moment when I stood only couple of meters from her awakened something new… That evening I felt the peace, silence, love, “secret”… I felt – being one with her! 

Her strength comes from recognition that somebody understands and loves her, and in the center of her professional and private life there is the eternal love for Karlo Metikoš, who wrote dozens of cult songs like “I am crazy today”, “Bed of tears”, “Storm”..., the album “Diary of one love”. Karlo is love of her life. Although they are not together physically any more, they never parted. Their love continues in a different spiritual dimension. Josipa lives like that and she is happy to exist in the spirit of that love. She is happy to still be able to receive love and to give love… 

Josipa and Karlo loved each other. Nothing bound them – no marriage, no interests, no legacy, no children… They shared a passion – the music. His death was painful, but she moved on. She says that she is still in love with him very much and that death cannot take away what she has felt for 21 years. “Do people love each other only if they can touch and watch each other? Can feelings disappear if something unexpected occurs on that road? Do feelings, pictures, events and said words die and leave? No, they were said to me, I heard them and felt them and I am still feeling them”, says Josipa Lisac.

At the fifteenth anniversary of his death, Josipa wrote Karlo a letter and published it on DVD. In that letter she told him how she was, what she did, how difficult his passing was for her and how their friends were coping… In one part she described the death: “I met her, she is young and beautiful. Two of us are good, for she has the keys to my apartment.” That touched people’s hearts. Nobody perceived it as pathetic. “I believe Karlo hears me, follows me, leads me… I am alone, but I am not lonely. I am an excellent friend to myself”, said Josipa.

At the twentieth anniversary of Karlo’s death (December 10, 2011), Josipa emphasizes that it is difficult for her to comprehend that 20 years have passed since he died, but adds quickly “Years are not important, time is not important, love is important”. After Karlo, nobody took his place. She is alone because she wants it that way. In her opinion, the woman radiates, sends certain energy when she looks for somebody, and she simply does not send any signals of wanting, needing, looking for somebody, because, as she puts it – she has it all… “I do not know, love is a secret and one has to find it by oneself. There are many beautiful words describing it, but these are just people talking, and love needs to be lived”.  

“Silent” communication at 29º

 Many times she “touched” my Soul that night, filled me with light and, as I already have said at the beginning, with silence, love, “secret”… I felt her concert and her love story as a lecture on love that the Universe wanted to give me through her… Through her, the Universe is reminding me that love is – “secret”! If I tell you that our communication that evening went through 29º (invisibility, secret, something both of us waited for a long time...) of Capricorn (also a kind of waiting, maturity, patience...), the position of Mercury (words), the ruler of her 3rd house (what she says, her words), but also the position of the cusp of my 3rd house. Is this “silent”, “invisible” dialogue between us now – “visible”? 
The Earth looks for the Moon, the Moon looks for the Earth...

Comparison of two natal horoscopes reveals the interaction between persons at different levels of life, resulting in a certain destiny at the objective level. But, I decided to present my relationship with Josipa Lisac from the point of view of draconic astrology

Draconic horoscope is a very intimate horoscope for everyone. It is actually a lunar horoscope, a horoscope of our ethereal being… A person carries within all memories of all earthly events, so he/she is primarily represented by geocentric natal horoscope. Still, there is an aura around each person. Like the Moon revolving around the Earth, the ethereal being envelops each person. That is why we all have the horoscope of ethereal being – the draconic horoscope. Draconic Zodiac represents our memory of all that happened before this life… The Moon is the field of the death, the end of life, and all souls are there, for all souls leave to be in ethereal universe. When talking about a relationship, we should know that we are one being, the Earth and the Moon – the physical-ethereal being. That is the secret of life – the Earth seeks the Moon, the Moon seeks the Earth to live their unity

If there is the combination of natal (the Earth) and draconic (the Moon) horoscope of two persons – those persons know each other from previous lives… It is possible that the energy is not dense enough, so there is no materialization, but the recognition always exist – either positive or negative one… Every harmonic aspect between draconic and geocentric (natal) horoscope represents the channel through which the person receives the messages with ease… Conjunctions of natal planet of one person with draconic planet of the other person are especially important, for they depict direct unification of two parts of Being! 

In every relationship it is important to assess which is the main thread (the main aspect), i.e. the main channel through which the relationship is manifested. It is usually represented by 1-2 aspects, and it shows what gives or takes the energy from the relationship.

The Jupiter is the ruler of Josipa’s 5th house (love) and it is positioned in 7th house (relationship) in Aquarius – it is known that she was never married to Karlo, which is depiction of Aquarius at the cusp of 7th house. Since this conjunction is at the star Rotanev in the constellation of Delphinus, this is also depiction of the far West, of America, to which both Karlo and Josipa were bound (they even lived and worked there for some time). This star represents the story of romantic loves, which theirs certainly was… 

  My draconic Moon is at Josipa’s natal Jupiter. Since my natal Mercury, which is at the same time the dispositor of my Asc ruler (me) and the dispositor of rulers of my 5th and 12th houses (houses important from the point of view of previous life) and finally here the ruler of my draconic Asc, is positioned at the same spot as my draconic Moon – and all that on Josipa’s natal Jupiter (her love), then I perceive this love of Josipa and Karlo as one of my loves from the previous life! I recognize myself in this story, I feel it as something of mine, and I have the need to write something about this eternal love (my natal Mercury is the portal through which conjunction of my draconic Moon and her natal Jupiter is expressed). Since it all happens in Aquarius, the sign of Neptune’s exaltation, also present is the “secret”, of which Josipa reminds me… On the other hand, her Jupiter here is the portal for my draconic Moon, and since my Jupiter is at the MC, I go public with this story, which certainly contains the “secret”, because in my Jupiter the Venus from Pisces “lives”… 

Very interesting is the conjunction of my draconic Venus with her natal Neptune in the sign of Libra (relationships), at the degree of love (17º)! My natal Venus is in Pisces and squaring the Neptune, which clearly implies the presence of the “secret”, magic and the need to go somewhere far away to have love… So, I am made of Venus and Neptune, I know all about it, and meeting Josipa only reminded me of all that, reminded me of the fate in love, silence, peace, “secret”, for only in that way I reach the magic… Since my draconic Venus is in Libra and in trine with her Jupiter (ruler of 5th house – her love) in 7th house, and since all this happens across 17º (love), and since her Jupiter (abroad), being the portal, contains the trine with Neptune (faraway, secret) – again I have depiction of the love story that is being realized somewhere faraway, and that contains the “secret” within… My draconic Venus at her natal Neptune, with that Neptune carrying the trine with Jupiter (Karlo), “creates” love out of their love (17º Libra)!

 If we take a look at her draconic horoscope, we see her draconic Jupiter (natal ruler of her 5th house – love) right at my natal Sun! It is interesting that this “touch” happens right at the beginning of the constellation Delphinus, emphasizing again the presence of the romantic love which requires going to the West, beyond pillars of Heracles… The Sun is always the essential signifier of a male, and since it is “touched” by her draconic Jupiter (the ruler of her natal 5th house – love), and my natal Jupiter contains the Venus from Pisces, then Josipa could bring me the luck (Jupiter) in the field of relationships... Further on, her draconic Sun, the ruler of the draconic Ascendant and the natal Ascendant (herself) came to my natal Mercury, and again the star Rotanev from the constellation of Delphinus was “touched”, telling about romantic love… Since her draconic Sun has the same position as my natal Mercury (which represents me, for Mercury is the final dispositor in my chart, but also the dispositor of rulers of my 5th – love and my 12th house – past life), this is another indicator that Josipa brings love into my life, and some pastlife love, with which I am bound… If I also add that the cusp of her draconic 5th house (love) is at 22º Scorpio, exactly at my natal Asc at 21º Scorpio – then this is also an indicator… Her draconic Venus is in exact sextile with my natal Uranus, and in my chart there is applicative trine of Venus and Uranus. Uranus is at my Ascendant, so this may indicate that I might, just like Josipa, have one “uranian” love story. Love is the freedom, isn’t it? Her draconic Neptune is in trine with my natal Sun, and since the exalted Venus from Pisces “lives” within my Neptune, at the star Achernar, this is another depiction of faraway love that holds a “secret”… Also, Achernar speaks about the person who is very deep, very spiritual, who went thrught some his own „storm“, which made him to find the light at the end of tunnel.

We may wonder what would two draconian horoscopes tell? Comparison of two draconian charts might give information on relationships that existed between persons in previous incarnations. It represents memories now, and it need not manifest… Often, there are same things we like, causing vibrating at the same level, just as an appendix to a story… It is interesting that Josipa and I “touch” here again, at the star Rotanev from constellation of Delphinus – her draconic Sun (17º Aquarius) conjuncts my draconic Moon (16º Aquarius)! If I tell you that Karlo, her eternal love had his natal Sun at 18º Aquarius – then it is the place where we love same things… 

  “Karlo was wonderful man, everybody loved him. I watched it day after day. In the age of Mat Collins, women were crazy about him. He loved people, adored and respected women, he had that social skill and knew how to present himself. He led me through the life and I loved it very much, for I think it is beautiful for a man to take woman’s hand and lead her, if they both respect each other. He took care of everything, he made me the way I am so I am able to go on strong.”

15th April 2013, Kikinda, my hometown, Serbia

“Diary of one Love” and 27º Pisces

“It is interesting that all things important in Karlo’s and my life occurred in February. We celebrated our private holiday of love on February 6, instead February 14, like the rest of the world, for we met on that day in 1971 and we are together since then. Then, Karlo Metikoš was born on February 8, I was born on February 14, and on February 28 “Diary of Love” was born. Both of us are Aquarius, but the “Diary” is Pisces – gentler, not rebellious like Aquarius. Some things simply happen. This is not a miracle. Or maybe it is, because that album exists and stands for 40 years…”  
(Josipa Lisac)

“I was overwhelmed by her singing, and the way she behaved… Then I fell in love head over heels with her… We went from Petrinja to Zagreb by bus, I sat beside her and emitted positive vibrations and we got to know each other a bit. Josipa later admitted that as a girl, she went to see where I live, for she was erroneously told I lived in Moše Pijade Street. She took the tramway and looked at somebody’s window believing it was mine! The first record Josipa bought was – the record of Matt Collins! Destiny… Then Josipa told me: “Why don’t you make an album for me?!” We went to Russia, and for two years I worked on our first album – it was really made with lot of love and enthusiasm. Actually, we made that album for us… The first song I wrote was “Happiness”, although it was not the first song on album…”
(Karlo Metikoš)

Whether because “I met her” in my dreams recently, or because this year, 2013, she celebrates 40 years since her first album (“Diary of one Love”) made by her partner, her great love – Karlo Metikoš, or because of my “strong connection” with her (you can read more on that in my article “Soul Connections – Draconic Horoscope”), whatever it may be… but exactly one year later here I am, writing with love about Josipa Lisac, the woman whose other name is – Love!

27º Pisces – Light and Love 

One of the most beautiful degrees in Zodiac is the  spot where Venus (love) is exalted. It is 27º Pisces! At that spot everything is beautiful, there is lot of Light, there are Angels too, for that is the last, 72nd pentad in Zodiac, the Angel pentad, ruled by the Sun (Light). And so, in those last 5 degrees of Zodiac (25º – 30º Pisces) there is the combination of Venus and Sun, which is – Love... Although looking at Jospia’s chart we see nothing at 27º Pisces, this degree is very important in this woman’s life and that is the primary theme of this article. 

Two points

There are two points within a person through which one receives Light and messages, information… One point is prenatal eclipse, and the other is postnatal eclipse. Eclipses represent the way from one world to another, and it is important for everybody to have strong favorable connection (favorable aspect) between those two eclipses, i.e. planets ruling them, for then the person becomes a very good channel between the Heavens (postnatal eclipse) and the Earth’s Core (prenatal eclipse).

Postnatal eclipse at 27º Pisces

Exactly at 27º Pisces, the first eclipse after Josipa’s birth happened. It was solar eclipse on March 18, 1950, the solar eclipse always depicting the start of something new (Moon-Sun conjunction close to North Node)...

Since postnatal eclipse represents the channel for the more subtle level of the being, i.e. for the light level of existence (Angels), we may say that 27º Pisces is a perfect spot for there is a lot of Love and Light here! This eclipse is in sextile with Josipa’s Moon (emotions, masses, people) at 27º Capricorn, but also with the Mercury (message, words) with 29º Capricorn. Also, it is in sextile with retrograde Venus at 3º Aquarius, so her purpose in this life is to give masses the message of love, to give her emotions she keeps for years (Capricorn has a need to keep things)... It is her goal, her road leading… Whomever listened to Josipa, whether on TV or at concerts, live, could hear her speaking only of love, Karlo, that she was still in love with him (although he is not present physically), that he was still in her thoughts and that even then, many years after his death, he was still her strength, her purpose...

Karlo’s Venus at 25º Pisces

 Still, 27º Pisces in Josipa’s chart was “revived” the moment she met Karlo, for this man has put his Venus (music, love) from 25º Pisces to this spot. This Venus is in the part of Zodiac where Love and Light live (25º – 30º Pisces). The conjunction is not exact, but still pretty strong. Karlo’s Venus is exalted, but also opposing the Neptune, so it is no wonder he fell head over heels in love with Josipa, since he is inclined to love elation, wandering, unfulfilled expectations… “I was already tired, but then I met Jospia and she brought me the light…” - said Karlo.

However, Karlo’s Venus at 25º Pisces is the spot resolving the Yod configuration where Neptune (illusion) is the fulcrum of Yod, with Mercury in quincunx on one side and Mars/Saturn conjunction on the other. So, the Venus here is the spot we call “Boomerang“, so through the music, Light and Love, he overcomes all his problems. In other words, Josipa was really the one who brought the Light and Love (since her postnatal eclipse “touched” his Venus). They needed each other undoubtedly… Since the Venus is the dispositor of both prenatal (3º Taurus) and postantal eclipse (3º Libra) in Karlo’s chart, it is certainly of a great importance… 

“Diary of one Love” and 27º Pisces

Since the time of birth of Karlo Metikoš is not known, I made his sun sign horoscope and progressed it for the day when the “Diary of one Love” saw the light of the day (February 28, 1973). Importance of 27º Pisces for those two people and their love story is further emphasized by the position of Karlo’s direct Mercury (words) at 27º Pisces!!!

Finally, transit Mercury (words) was at 27º Pisces on that day, really emphasizing the Love and the Light this album was made with… Even now, while I am writing this article, the Mercury (writing) crosses 27º Pisces. There are no coincidences… 

Retrograde Venus

It is no wonder for someone with retrograde natal Venus like Jospia (Venus at 3º Aquarius) to be very much connected to some love from before, very possibly the love from previous life (since her retrograde Venus carries within the Neptune from Libra as the last Moon’s conjunction – memory from previous life, while the first conjunction of the Moon is with Mercury, “colored” by the retrograde Venus). It is certain that Jospia meets her past life love in this life as well. That is why she enjoys solitude after Karlo’s death and emphasizes that she is happy and has no need to look for new love – when she already has it... Isn’t all this depiction of retrograde Venus?! Josipa lives in the past, (retrograde), she has stopped there... She usually says that Karlo was not her husband, spouse, but her love. Josipa lives in accordance with the needs of her retrograde Venus in Aquarius... In fact, she speaks of love in a real sense of that word, since real love is free, unbounded, does not love form, must contain the “secret” and sends the message that we all have to find out what the “secret” is, adding that it is the most beautiful and most wondrous in the story of love… 

Prenatal eclipse

This retrograde Venus of Josipa is also interesting for being the ruler of her prenatal eclipse at 28º Libra from October 21, 1949. For a person to be a good channel between the Heavens (postnatal eclipse) and the Earth’s Core (prenatal eclipse) – it is necessary to have those two eclipses, the planets ruling them – somehow connected, i.e. connected by beneficial aspects. Josipa is such a case and she really lives the Heavens on Earth.  Namely, the Venus (dispositor of prenatal eclipse) turned direct couple of days after her birth (February 21, 1950), and went to meet Jupiter on April 4, 1950 (the ruler of postnatal eclipse at 27º Pisces), at the degree where my postnatal eclipse is (purpose, mission) – at 27º Aquarius! It is not difficult to conclude why I write again about this eternal, immortal love story… , and why am I so much inspired by anything related to Josipa. I see the purpose there… 

In the year she met Karlo, Josipa’s directive Moon (moves 1º for 1 year) had conjunction with Karlo’s natal Sun at 18º Aquarius, which is usually one of required indicators for a relationship to start (combination Sun-Moon). But here, it is very important that her secondary Moon (emotions) was at 29º Libra, i.e. it just had crossed her prenatal eclipse. That was “the sign along the road”… 

The Moon always carries within some memory of something from before, and this time of something from the previous life (prenatal eclipse). Prenatal eclipse by itself is the secret, because it is something that was before one’s birth, there is darkness there, but also the memory (Moon) always exist… Josipa tells that she simply waited for Karlo to come, and that she knew, felt that one of those days he would appear… It happened like that… She even emphasizes that before Karlo men did not approach her, and with a smile she adds: “Like there was a word “KARLO” written on my forehead!”
The first song on the album “Diary of a Love” is “Abouth a Youth”, and while I write this article I remember lines from this song – “... Sometimes a beautiful flower springs up in the dark…”  

Retrograde Venus in Capricorn – December 21, 2013

Since Josipa Lisac does not issue albums often, the period of retrograde Venus that begins on December 21, 2013 might be interesting for her. Namely, the Venus (music) will make a turn from 28º Capricorn 59’, touching Josipa’s Moon/Mercury conjunction and making a nice sextile at 27º Pisces, with the spot of Josipa’s postnatal eclipse (purpose, mission...). Will Josipa make us happy with some new album remains to be seen, but the period of retrograde Venus might be inspirational for this unique woman. Until then, we shall enjoy her last album published in 2009, with one of the most famous songs being – “A Thousand Reasons for Love”… 

Love is silence

As Josipa’s secondary Venus approaches 13º Pisces, the degree that is being approached by my secondary Sun (the ruler of my 9th house – the purpose), and also the degree of my prenatal eclipse – I conclude yet again that where the Venus (love) is exalted (the sign of Pisces) there is no need for words (13º Pisces – the fall of Mercury)... Here one only feels, one does not think, words are not needed here… Here one is silently joyful… Here one does not speak aloud of love, but let the love speak…
For Karlo...
“You do not need to walk with me to close to me. Music is enough, it makes them happy. It is their light. When life lets them down, they recognize the music as their raft. „No need to explain them anything, let alone love… You are me. I am you. You and I are we. We are me. And you are we.” (Josipa Lisac)

8th February 2017, Athens (Greece), IAM was born, without planning..., all just came to me, easy ...
It was 77 birthday of Karlo Metikoš. IAM (Infinity Astrological Magazine) and Karlo Metikoš have the same Sun, 19º Aquarius. They both were born on 8th February.  Looking forward for the upcoming solar eclipse at 18 º Leo, on 11 August 2018. IAM’s draconic Venus is a 29 º Libra (the place of Josipa’s prenatal eclipse), and Uranus will „hit“ 29 º Libra, two more times...

We are all Aquarius: Josipa, Karlo, IAM & Me...

Grateful to God for this Life, IAM, and ability to see „the signs along the road“

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 Smiljana Gavrančić  studied astrology at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education in Belgrade (Serbia), graduating in October 2010, after studying International Law at Belgrade University. In March 2011 she became ISAR CAP. Her speciality is mundane astrology, and she is practices karmic/hermetic astrology, astrology of degrees/archetypes (mythology, fixed stars) and synastry.  Her writings have appeared in  The Astrological Journal,  on The Mountain Astrologer blog, ISAR’s International Astrologer, NCGR Geocosmic Journal. Astrodienst (astro.com)  republished her work, too. Smiljana is the editor, founder and owner of IAM –  Infinity Astrological Magazine which is the part of Alexandria iBase Project and Astrodienst. She was a speaker at conferences and workshops in Serbia, Brazil, United Kingdom ( 48th AA Conference Cambridge 2016 and The Astrological Lodge of London), Greece. 

In January 2018 she founded her Astro Center  IAM INΦINITY - Αθήνα Center.  Smiljana blogs in Serbian and English at:www.astrologsmiljanagavrancic.blogspot.com. You can find out more about IAM at www.infinityastrologicalmagazine.com    Smiljana was one of the very few astrologers worldwide who correctly predicted Trump would be the 45th President of the USA. She gave that prediction on 7th September 2015 (one year before election).  Contact: smiljana.gavrancic@gmail.com

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