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North Korea, United States and Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aquarius on July 27, 2018 Having in mind lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius on July 28, 1999 Published: 9th October, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

North Korea, United States and Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aquarius on July 27, 2018

Having in mind lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius on July 28, 1999

Published: 9th October, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Being the most isolated country, and I shall add – maybe the most mysterious country in the world, North Korea has Ascendant at 25º Scorpio 45’, very close to 26º, which automatically activates the fixed star Algol (from Perseus constellation) and also the very Grand Fixed Cross across 26° of fixed signs that shall be called upon in May 2018 by Uranus entering the sign of Taurus (I wrote about that in my article Uranus In Taurus 2018-Where Is This World Going?). Time ahead indicates the start of a story in which everybody has its own justice, and maybe prepares to even use the energy in the name of that justice, just like Perseus did when he committed a murder led by his own justice.

Army and...

 The ruler of Ascendant of North Korea is Mars, positioned in the sign of his domicile, at 4º  Scorpio 20’, very close to the degree of Moon’s fall (3º Scorpio), but also to the degree of Pluto’s exaltation (3º Scorpio), which is certainly the depiction of huge energy, strong army, but also of very jeopardized human lives – between 150,000 and 200,000 of North Koreans live in camps surrounded by electric fences (according to Human Rights Watch data). The worst camps are populated by those who committed political crimes – in such cases the whole family of perpetrator is sent to camp. As many as 40% of prisoners die of hunger or hard labor (according to Amnesty International). All this is depiction of the degree of Moon’s fall (life, family). North Korean army is one of the largest in the world. It has around 1.2 million active soldiers (plus 6 million reserve), meaning that one in 5 men aged 17-54 is full time soldier (while, for example, South Korea has only 680,000 soldiers) – which corresponds to depiction of the degree of Pluto’s exaltation. According to the report from South Korea’s government, North Korea spends one third of its national product on the army. North Korea officially ceased to be communist country in 2009. The new official state ideology is called “Juche” (self-reliance, army the most important).  

 Nevertheless, since that Mars is at the cusp of 12th house (the house of secrets), there is a great secret about this country. In 12th house we hide things, and the conjunction of Mars and South Node would be depiction of very powerful weapon that “lives” underground in this country, which  could cause problems for North Korea in diplomatic relations with the world, and that is a known fact - square with Venus (the ruler of 7 – diplomatic relations) at 1º Leo 34’ at the cusp of 9th house (abroad). There is a network of tunnels tens of meters below and around all residences of the highest North Korean military, party and state officials, including Kim Jong Un. So far, no foreign intelligence service managed to have a spy at the medium level, not to mention the highest state or military level, so there is no reliable information neither on whereabouts of Kim Jong Un and his retinue, nor on their mutual relationships. Simply, that most mysterious and the most closed-off country in the world is a puzzle for intelligence services of USA, South Korea, Japan and even China.

South Node is “swallowing” us, there lives the story from the life before the last one. South Node has the symbolism of 11th house, sign of Aquarius, Uranus as its modern rules, so this would be the same as having Mars close to the degree of Pluto’s exaltation (in North Korea’s chart) in conjunction with Uranus. Isn’t this depiction of powerful rockets with huge destructive power (Mars-Pluto-Uranus combination)?! Does the world know the truth about military power of North Korea – Mars in Scorpio (ruler of North Korea’s Ascendant) “does not like” the Venus (Venus is the ruler of 7 – diplomatic relations) and it is in 12th house (secret) at the South Node? Being the ruler of Ascendant of North Korea, Mars also represents its capital, Pyongyang, and it “pulls” the Venus (all standing across from Pyongyang – meaning, the world) into exile (Venus is in exile in Scorpio). The square definitely speaks of the dispute with the rest of the world, but also of broken relationships, for the square always “breaks” thing apart halfway through. Today, North Korea is under sanctions of the almost all other countries, very much isolated. There is no Internet in North Korea apart from its closed state network, so only few people know what is really going on in the rest of the world. The government has strict control over TV and radio programs, and limited access to the “real” Internet is given to only few people in the government. Power supply is being disconnected during the night, and during the day people have electricity for only couple of hours – actually, North Korea “lives” in the dark (Asc ruler, Mars, is in 12th house). Marijuana is legal in North Korea and it is not even classified as a drug (Asc ruler in 12th house, and especially here Mars is at the South Node – depiction of the state “swimming” in vices, drugs…).

When Korea had become the part of Empire of Japan after annexation on October 1, 1910, the tertiary Moon of Japan (the fastest moving body that maps the event on the level of 2 days), was exactly at 3º Aquarius 42’, in conjunction with natal Moon of Vladimir Lenin (3º Aquarius 24’). 

Why do I mention Lenin?

In August 1948, with the USA support, the Republic of Korea was founded in the southern part of Korean Peninsula, and in September of the same year Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was founded in the northern part, supported by the Soviet Union (USSR). The creator of USSR was Vladimir Lenin, and progressive Moon of USSR was at 3° Taurus 34’ on that September 10, 1948, just finished crossing the natal Sun of Vladimir Lenin at 2º Taurus 24’, while progressive Sun of USSR was at 4º Aquarius, the exact same spot at which the lunar eclipse shall be on July 27, 2018 (more about this further in the text).

 Harry Truman?

The position of the natal Moon of then American President Harry S. Truman is also interesting – it is at 5° Scorpio, very close to 3° and 4° Scorpio! But, even more important is the position of his solar arc Mercury (the ruler of his 9 – abroad, and positioned in his 8 – disputes) at 2º Leo 54’ (almost at 3º Leo) in conjunction with Solar Arc Chiron (wound) at 4º Leo! 

 "38th parallel" – Korean War 1950

The Korean War started in June 1950. The cause was the so-called “38th parallel” dividing the North Korea from the South Korea. The secondary Venus (the ruler of 7 – diplomatic relations) of South Korea was at 3º Leo, squaring 3º Scorpio (the degree of Pluto’s exaltation and Moon’s fall), but also in 1951 (while the war was still continuing) it squared 4º Scorpio (Mars of North Korea).  

If we take a look at the chart of North Korea, besides the significance of 4º Scorpio (with Mars as Asc ruler), I must add that at 3º Scorpio 41’ (very close to 4° Scorpio), which is the degree of Moon’s fall and Pluto’s exaltation, there is a Sun-Jupiter midpoint of North Korea! The Sun represents rulers in the country, and Jupiter represents illegal activities, breach of moral norms and laws. Its position inside the sign of Scorpio certainly speaks in favor of “suspicious activities”.

Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018

During 2018, there will be a lunar eclipse at 4º Aquarius 45’ (on July 27), which will activate Mars at 4º Scorpio of North Korea! But, I must add one very interesting fact here: Donald Trump (present President of United States) and North Korea have in Davison chart the Sun at 4º Leo, and in Composite chart at 5º Leo 07’, which “fits in” the Grand Fixed Cross across 4º that I have already mentioned in this text! It is also interesting that North Korea has Asc/Desc axis across 4º Aquarius/4º Leo in Antiscia. Also, prenatal lunar eclipse of North Korea was at 3º Scorpio 17’ (close to Mars and South Node of North Korea) – isn’t this Mars in the chart of North Korea very important  for that country, for all they have to became aware of “lives” within that Mars. On the other hand, Trump has midpoint of Venus (diplomatic relations) and Pluto (disputes) at 2º Leo 53’, very close to 3º Leo, activating the mentioned Grand Fixed Cross.

American Secretary Madeleine Albright visiting North Korea in 1999

When Uranus will be entering Taurus on May 15, 2018, the Solar Arc axis Asc/Desc of North Korea will be across 4º Aquarius/4º Leo, while its secondary Moon  at the time of lunar eclipse at 4º Aquarius (July 2018) will be crossing Trump’s natal Sun at 22º Gemini. It is a known fact that Trump was born on the day of lunar eclipse at 23º Sagittarius, so this will be very important moment for diplomatic relationship of these two countries, which the July eclipse shall keep “opened”! The last time there was eclipse at 4º Aquarius (also lunar  eclipse) was on July 28, 1999. Then, the President of USA was Bill Clinton. 

The launch of the projectile “taepodong 2” for testing in 1998 was “the first and the last”, as then President of North Korea Kim Jong Il said to American Secretary Madeleine Albright, who visited Pyongyang in October 1999 (after lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius). That testing over Japan shook Eastern Asia and caused fear that North Korea is capable of hitting targets outside its borders. Pyongyang insisted that the testing was performed in order to launch the domestic satellite. Albright attended the celebration of 55 years of Korean Workers’ Party, at which the video of projectile launch was shown. The celebration was held at the stadium in Pyongyang, with participation of 100,000 performers. A high official of State Department said then that there was improvement in the idea of Washington assisting North Korea to develop the capability of satellite launching in return for the communist state canceling its problematic program of missile testing.  

It is interesting that Madeleine Albright has the Sun at 24º Taurus (MC of Trump, which is also the position of Uranus in draconic chart of North Korea, but also the position of the transit Sun on May 15, 2018 – Uranus’ entering the Taurus sign, which will be Albright’s 81st birthday. She was born with Uranus in Taurus on May 15, 1937, and she is to face Uranus’ return. 

In 1994, the President Bill Clinton seriously prepared for attacking the nuclear reactor in Yongbyon, but he finally concluded it would cause the conflict not seen since the last Korean war, and that the Vietnam War was only the conflict of low intensity compared to what might happen in North Korea. Regarding moral virtues and flaws of North Korean Army, it is as unknown as anything else in that country.

Donald Trump  

 I like to take a look at Draconic chart, especially since this is the story of Mars at South Node. Draconic chart describes which soul’s memories of previous lives live inside an individual, but also in the state. Draconic chart help us understand why some country is “calling”, “pulling” us… It is very interesting that in the Draconic Chart of North Korea Uranus is positioned exactly at 24º Taurus (it is also Trump’s MC, but the position of the Sun for the moment of Uranus’ entering of Taurus in May 2018, while the transit Moon will be in conjunction with Algol – 26º  Taurus). I must emphasize that I wrote about Uranus in Taurus for the spring edition of Isar Journal. Furthermore, in Draconic Chart Trump has Venus at 4º Taurus, which directly (through opposition) “calls upon” Mars at 4º Scorpio of North Korea. Transit Uranus coming to 4° Taurus and activating this opposition shall be very important moment, and that will happen on May 25, 2019. Finally, the Moon in Draconic chart of North Korea is at 9º Scorpio, in conjunction with Asc of USA at 8º Scorpio (those of you familiar with my mundane work already know that I use 8° Scorpio as Asc of USA).

North Korea’s Leaders

The father of the nation, Kim II Sung, or the Eternal President, died in 1994, and his son Kim Jong Il, the Eternal Secretary General, became the ruler, who was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Un in 2011.

Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea, had in his chart Uranus at 3° Aquarius 14’, squaring the Pluto’s exaltation degree (and Moon’s fall degree) – 3º Scorpio! When he died, on July 8, 1994, the progressive Sun (ruler) of North Korea was at 2º Scorpio 21’ – very close to 3º Scorpio (here the life “falls”). He was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Il, who has Pluto at 3º Leo. He ruled until December 17, 2011, when he died, exactly 7 days after lunar eclipse on December 10, 2011, which was at 18º Gemini (squaring the Sun – ruler at 17º Virgo in 10th house – government). Secondary Mercury of North Korea (the ruler of natal Sun – ruler, from Virgo in 10 – government) was at 3º Scorpio 15’ (here the life “falls”)! The present leader, Kim Jong Un, has Saturn at 3º Scorpio in his natal chart.  

Saturn/Pluto 2020

North Korea is the country founded at the time of Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Leo, depicting the country of strong dictatorship that shall go through many transformations. The time ahead will be interesting to see, especially 2020, when those two planets will touch again at 22º Capricorn (January 2020). Uranus will be retrograde then, at 2° Taurus 39’, leaving behind crossing over 4° and 3° Taurus, while the secondary Moon of North Korea will be crossing 13° Cancer during January 2020, which is the position of the Sun (ruler) in the chart of United States, while the Solar Arc Moon of North Korea will be at 26º Aquarius, which is the position of the Moon in the chart of USA, and which at the same time activates Asc/Desc axis of North Korea (26º Scorpio/26º Taurus) and the story of Algol. But, that will be the time of inauguration of the new president of USA (January 20, 2020), and possibly some brand new time for both USA and the rest of the world. Also, tertiary progressions of North Korea for January 20, 2020 (inauguration of new American president) depict 3º Scorpio 53 (almost 4º) through the position of tertiary Moon, while the tertiary Asc /Desc axis of this country lies across 4º Leo/4º Aquarius, which is the axis of lunar eclipse on July 28, 2018, under which influence on the mundane level we will also be during 2020.  

2017 Jupiter at Mars of North Korea?

  - On October 30, 2017, the Jupiter will cross Mars and South Node of North Korea and open a new 12-year cycle ahead. Saturn will have trine with Uranus, applicative one. Jupiter always increases things, so this might depict accumulation of weapons? But, this also signifies accumulation of benefits for the ruler, because in the chart of North Korea at 3° Scorpio there is a midpoint of the Sun (ruler) and Jupiter (benefits).

- On November 15, 2005 Jupiter was also at Mars and South Node of North Korea, 12 years ago, which is the cycle of Jupiter. During that time, on December 17, 2011, Kim Jong Il died.

- On December 1, 1993 Jupiter was also at Mars and South Node of North Korea, 24 years ago, representing two cycles of Jupiter. During the interval between December 1, 1993 and November 15, 2005 – the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung died on July 8, 1994, and during October 1999 there was a historic visit of Albright to Pyongyang.

Actually, the first crossing of Jupiter over Mars and South Node of North Korea happened on September 30, 1958, only 10 years after the state was founded. During the interval between September 30, 1958 and January 18, 1970 (second crossing of Jupiter over Mars and South Node of North Korea) Kim Il Sung was the prime minister of the country. During the interval between January 18, 1970 (the second Jupiter crossing) and December 21, 1981 (the third Jupiter crossing) Kim Il Sung became the President of North Korea. He remained the President from December 21, 1981 until December 1, 1993 (the fourth Jupiter crossing). Before the end of the third Jupiter crossing over Mars of North Korea, – in October 1980, at the 6th Congress of Communist Party, Kim Il Sung appointed his son, Kim Jong Il as his successor.

I would say that Jupiter’s crossings over Mars and South Node bring accumulation of power for the ruling Kim dynasty, besides certainly bringing accumulation of secret weapons.

3º Scorpio = South Node

South Node speaks of the change that must happen, sooner or later. The nature of the degree we associate South Node with is actually 3º Scorpio, the spot of Pluto’s exaltation, for here it is necessary to somehow “bury” oneself, in order to be born as a new oneself… On the other hand, at 3º Taurus (spot of Moon’s exaltation – life) there is the place associated with North Node. It seems that North Korea should be working on the axis 3° Taurus/3° Scorpio, as well as other countries that come in contact with it. To be emotionally “light” and to get rid of emotions (which are only the memories of ancestors within us, depicted by the South Node and Mars in the chart of North Korea – here someone fought and used the energy for negative purposes at some time).

What is possibly good in this story is that Trump’s Solar Arc Mars (dispute) has just finished its crossing over 4º Scorpio 59’ (while I write this text, in October 2017), and that it will soon cross over the Mars of North Korea, but at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 it comes close to crossing South Node at 6º Scorpio, which might be challenging, after the July eclipse in 2018, when tertiary Moon of Trump (on July 27, 2018) will be at 4º Aries, creating quincunx with the Mars of North Korea. But, this will be a challenge, this will require that American President make a change within himself in order not to put American people in conflict with North Korea. Taught by experience of 1999 lunar eclipse and Clinton’s giving up on military intervention in North Korea, let’s hope the same trend will be repeating with Donald Trump too.

The last rocket test on July 28, 2017

And in the end, isn’t it interesting that North Korea performed its last rocket test on July 28, 2017? Why? Well, on July 28, 1999 there was the last lunar eclipse at 4º Aquarius, and it will happen again on July 27, 2018. At the moment of the eclipse, transit Mars (energy) will be retrograde and positioned at 3º Aquarius 58’, squaring natal Mars of North Korea at 4º Scorpio. Retrograde Mars “calls for” refraining from energy use, which might be a huge challenge for United States and North Korea!
Cycles are repeated, and each new cycle represents the test for the humankind, for how much have we became aware during that time… only time will show, but since it is about deeply unconscious planet, Mars in Scorpio at South Node in 12th house – the lesson is a hard one, requires hibernation regarding energy, requires “energy silence”.

We must not forget that Russian President Vladimir Putin has Asc at 3º Scorpio, while China, the country that may, besides Russia, use its right to veto  potential attack on North Korea at UN Security Council, has the cusp of 11th house (parliament) at 4º Scorpio, and Jupiter (the ruler of Asc in Sagittarius) at 6º Scorpio, at the South Node of North Korea, so the connection of those two countries is undoubtedly strong… 

12th June, 2018 – Summit in Singapore

 Trump/Kim Summit in Singapore on 12th June, 2018 (9:00am, Singapore time) had the Moon at 26° Taurus  (Algol), and Ascendent at 18° Cancer, which is the place of Sun/Mercury midpoint in the chart of USA (and which I've found as very special degree regarding Kennedy's family for example – The Kennedy Family and 18 Cancer). When we see 1+8 we can suspect that here the life and death are together somehow, and here we have to transform energy and to "break" some patterns. However, this summit will have its challenges in the time ahead, because in draconic chart (the memory of soul on this meeting) the Moon is at 19° Capricorn 38', and there will be several crossings of Pluto over draco Moon-first one, just around the Lunar eclipse on 28th July, 2018 (which is very important for the relationships between USA and North Korea, because, exactly 19 years ago, there was a meeting between the American Secretary Madeleine Albright and North Korea's leader, and than we had the same lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius, just like we are going to have on 28th July, 2018). Again, just around 1st December 2018, there will be again Pluto's crossing over the draco Moon 19° Capricorn 38'. 

Composite chart of USA and North Korea has the Moon at 20° Capricorn23', which is fitting so much with the draconic Moon of  Summit in Singapore. Pluto's crossing over the Moon is always some kind of opportunity to clean our heart/s, our water/s, our emotions -from the pain, and to continue to move forward with totally new, fresh "blood". Will they make it?

In both cases, eclipse on 28th July, 2018 and time around 1st December 2018 - Mercury (contratcs) will be retorgrade, and they met on 12th June 2018 when Mercury is out-of-bounds!

With Algol, as you know, we always have some conflicts, one side sees justice on its way, the other side sees justice on its way, too, however, Algol "moves" the Moon of USA at 25° Aquarius, and axis Asc/Desc of North Korea (26° Scorpio/26° Taurus). Just to remind you, Trump has MC around Algol, plus his natal Mars at 26° Leo is squaring Algol (26° Taurus) too, so it seams that Trump is going to "fight"... Above this all is  their karmic, unfinished bussines from past incarnation/s, so they both have strong inner need to continue with things they did not finish in past lives... In other hand, Venus (diplomacy) in the horoscope of North Korea is at 1 Leo, and Uranus will hit her even three times- June/July 2018, than in retrograde motion again in September 2018, and one more time, during April 2019! So, North Korea is ready for changes and to be much more open in relationships with others (Venus is ruler of 7th house in the horoscope of North Korea – house of relationships with other countries).


Chart sources:

-          The World of Book Horoscopes; Nicholas Campion
-          Horoscopes of America and Canada; Mark Penfield
-          www.astro.com

 Smiljana Gavrančić  studied astrology at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education in Belgrade (Serbia), graduating in October 2010, after studying International Law at Belgrade University. In March 2011 she became ISAR CAP. Her speciality is mundane astrology, and she is practices karmic/hermetic astrology, astrology of degrees/archetypes (mythology, fixed stars) and synastry.  Her writings have appeared in  The Astrological Journal, and on The Mountain Astrologer blog, ISAR’s International Astrologer, NCGR Geocosmic Journal. Astrodienst (astro.com)  republished her work, too. Smiljana is the editor, founder and owner of IAM –  Infinity Astrological Magazine which is the part of Alexandria iBase Project and Astrodienst. She was a speaker at conferences and workshops in Serbia, Brazil, United Kingdom (Cambridge and The Astrological Lodge of London) , Greece. Smiljana blogs at: www.astrologsmiljanagavrancic.blogspot.com You can find out more about IAM at www.infinityastrologicalmagazine.com

Read more about Smiljana here: Biography  

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