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I found my way, even in the dark... Mercury's retrograde period Published: 8th August, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

I found my way, even in the dark... Mercury's retrograde period
Published: 8th August, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Mercury started its shadow from 28 Leo 26' (On July 24/25th 2017) and its shadow will last until September 19/20. During this period, Mercury starts its retrograde motion on 13 August, 2017, from 11 Virgo 38' (GMT 02:01). The Moon will be at 24 Aries, "running"to make conjunction with retrograde Uranus at 28 Aries, leaving behind trine with retrograde Saturn who is preparing to turn in direct motion on 26th September, 2017, trine with Sun in Leo, square with Pluto, and opposition with Jupiter-We had some expectations in past, we went over our limits, we did not get all what we wanted, but what did not kill us, it made us stronger, and we know today who we are, and what we are, and we now want to make so fast change. In other word, the moment when Mercury will start its retrograde motion may bring some suddenly events, it may bring strong desire for freedom (Moon/Uranus conjunction). If we now take a look for the Sabian Symbol (read the meaning for 12 Virgo) for the place within Zodiac from where Mercury will start its retrograde motion, we can find this: "A bride with her veil snatched away"


Virgo 12 presents an interesting mix of possibilities.

First, there can be a sense of freedom as if a covering has been removed allowing one to breathe easily. You can sense the 'veil removal' as an uncovering, a disclosure, and even a breath of fresh air which is a common theme found within the 12th degree series.

That the veil is snatched away suggests an element of surprise. Perhaps it is too soon to remove the veil? Perhaps it is a prank? Or, perhaps there is an element of being exposed at an inopportune time.
Here, there is more of a social situation. The bride may not be fully ready to marry of her own volition, for example. She may be influenced by her mother's aspirations for her ( see Virgo 11-"A boy molded in his mother's aspiration for him" 1). In this case, the bride be realizing something herself, or she may be exposed for living her mother's life rather than her own.

On the other hand... there's always at least two aren't there... the bride may well know who she is, who she wants to marry, and is exposed for not allowing her choice to be influenced as her parents may expect.

Virgo 12 can work both ways.

Just I've already said, on 5th September 2017 (12:30pm, GMT) Mercury will turn in direct motion, from 28 Leo 25'. What is for me interesting is this, the Moon will be now at 3 Pisces and the fist aspect will be conjunctio again, but this time with retrograde Neptune at 12 Pisces 51'! So, we started this journey with strong need to make a big change (Moon/Uranus conj. on 13 August, 2017), and now we will have 2 opportunites: 1/ If you are so so loud, all magic will desapere, and your dreams won't come true and 2/ if you are in silence, if you belive, if you pray-the miracle is going to happen to you. All actions (words) from you would have to be so wise, do not speak too much, do not say all details, keep something only for yourself. You will be, maybe, able to find out some secret when Mercury turns direct (on5th Sept, 2017). So, this Moon is going to make an opposition with the Sun at 13 Virgo (on 6th Septebmer, 2017), and we are going to have the Full Moon at 13 Pisces. At 13 Pices Mercury (words) is weak, so here, we do not speak, here we just only need to have a faith and to trust, to pray, too. I would say that the best way is to choose option two, which I have mentioned above! Think twice before you want to say something..., because, this full moon will have so strong conjunction with Neptune (silence...)...

Recently I wrote that Sabian Symbol for 28 Leo (read the meaning for 29 Leo) is: "A mermaid has climbed to the rocky shore of a bleak coast; she awaits a prince who will bring her immortality" . So, for now, we have a mermaid and a bride with her veil snatched away. So, the woman was waited, than she made so big change, and now again she is waiting.

Let's see what the Universe speaks for the moment when Mercury finishes its shadow period (19/20 Sept, 2017). The Moon and the Sun are going to make conjunction, e.i., we are going to have the New Moon on 20th Sept, 2017, belive or not, at 27 Virgo (Venus' falls degree-at this place we usualy choose to be alone, or if we are in relationship-to "serve" love). Before making conjunction with the Sun, the Moon will have square with Saturn (which means obstacles and cold relationships, endings, delays, waitings....) and opposition with Chiron (wound).

I would say that words "Set me free..." may be the best to describe this period. Or, if you choose to belive, than the best words may be " I found the love is where you are"....

I used to walk between the shadows
Lost in a world that moved too fast
I was afraid I'd always be alone
Then I saw your face at last

I found my way even in the dark
Though at times it seemed too far
I knew if I'd listen to my heart
I'd find that love is where you are

I close my eyes and see tomorrow
My dreams begin and end with you
I hear you say you'll be there
Always for me
Then I must believe it's true

Also, during this period, on 21 August, 2017, there will be the solar eclipse at 28 Leo (this degree I've already mentioned here).


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