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What Brings August 2017? And Memory on August 1998... Published: July 21, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

What Brings August 2017? And Memory on August 1998...
Published: July 21, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

There will be 2 eclipses during august 2017. The first one will be the lunar eclipse, on 7th August 2017 , at 15 º Aquarius 25’. The second one will be the solar eclpse, on 21st August 2017, at 28 º Leo 53’. It is interesting that we have the same eclipses 19 years ago, in 1998: the lunar one at 15 º Aquarius 21’ on 8th August 1998, and the solar one at 28 º Leo 48’ on 22th August 1998. What happend than? I live in Serbia, very important country in the Balkans, and I just remember how in March 1999, NATO started to bomb my country – it’s interesting that in my astrological mundane work, I mapped Serbia at 15 º Leo, and Poland (very important NATO base), at 15 º Aquarius! Now I have in mind that axis IC/MC of US chart ( I use Asc 8 º Scorpio for US chart) is going over 16 º Aquarius/16 º Leo, and that US has the Moon (people) at 26 º Aquarius. So, we can say that 1998 was so important for US too, but for Poland and my country too. And now we are in 2017 and we can susspect that some very important events are in front of us..

Bill Clinton was the president of US in 1998. I found his solar arc axis Asc/Desc was going than over 26 º Scorpio /26 º Taurus. Aslo, at the same time, his solar arc axis IC/MC was going over 26 º Aquarius/26 º Leo! If you have read my blog you maybe noticed the importance of 26 º of every fixed sign! In other word, when we have some conflicts in the world – fixed star Algol (26 º Taurus) is somehow „called out“! As well as US chart has the Moon at 26 º Aquarius – Bill Clinton „put“ US people somehow in world conflict! Let me remind you that only several months after eclipses in august 1998 – USA did attack on Iraq against Sadam Hussein (operaton is well known as „The desert fox“). Iraq has in its chart Mercury at 14 º Leo and in that moment secondary progressed Mercury was retrograde and at 0 º Virgo, in conjuncition with natal Pluto of Iraq at 0 º Virgo! In chart of Iraq, Mercury carries the Moon (people)-so this was the clear image that people in Iraq somehow may be in dangerous (Pluto) situatiuon. What i noticed for this, 2017 is that secondary progressed Mars (conflict) of Iraq is right now at 26 º Taurus (Algol) and it moves grand fixed cross over 26 º (Trump has Mars at 26 º Leo and US had the Moon at 26 º Aquarius). Also, secondary progressed Moon of Iraq during august 2017 will be at 15 º Leo44’, very close to MC of US, and under influence of the lunar eclipse from 7th August 2017. And the most interesting thing is that secondary progressed Mercury of Iraq will be at 0 º Virgo, at the same place as in 1998, in conjunction with Pluto (war, dangerous situation) in the chart of Iraq.

And ofcourse, Bill Clinton was dealing with impeachment (case Monica Lewinsky) on December 19th, 1998. Maybe this is some sign that Trump may be in the same problem?! With Algol's energy, we always have some "angry woman" with blocked sexual energy, aren't we?! And, she wants to "cut heads", in other word-she wants to ruin reputataion of some ruler... 

If we now take a look in Trump’s chart, we can find his progressed Sun right now at 0 º Virgo 58’, in conjunction with Pluto of Iraq and progressed Mercury of Iraq. His solar arc Asc is right now at 8 º Scorpio 00’, in conjunciton with Asc of US, with the Sun of EU, but in conjunction with the progressed Sun of NATO too!. His secondaryprogressed MC is preaparing to touch 0 º Leo soon, in august 2017 it will be at 29 º Cancer 57’ – this is all very big sign that some change is going to come, and that somehow Trump may bring in connection US with Iraq again, in a time ahead.

I have to mention Trump’s Ceres (the goddess of nature) at 13 º Aquarius, in his 6th house and the lunar eclipse on 7th August 2017 – recently US left Paris agreement about climate change, and it will be intersting to see what the upcoming eclipse is bringing to US regarding this topic.

Now again about Poland. Secondary progressed Asc in August 2017, of Poland chart will be at 29 º Libra 37’, preaparing to touch 0 º Scorpio soon. This all may be a sign that change is coming soon and that change may be so big and in the symbol of Scorpio (wars, conflicts...). I have to add that secondary progressed Moon of Poland in August 2017 will be at 16 º Aquarius, in conjunction with Mars in 8th in the horoscope of Aleksander Kwasniewski (Polish president who „put“ Poland in NATO). Isn’t it so strong sign?! Also, solar arc Asc of Poland will be in august 2017 at 8 º Scorpio 50’, in conjunction with Asc of US, the Sun of EU, progressed Sun of NATO, and solar arc Asc of Trump. NATO will have progressed MC in august 2017 at 19 º Libra (the Sun falls degree). At 19 º Libra I have mapped Russia .

On July 20th, 2017, Poland made steps which may distance this country from EU... This week, the European Commission met to discuss the rule of law in Poland. The EU warned Poland that if it passed these laws, the commission would consider triggering Article 7, a never-before-used sanction of an EU member that would result in Poland having its voting rights suspended

The difference between 1998 and 2017 is this: 1998 was the time when Saturn from Taurus  and Uranus and Neptune from Aquarius made squares, and Saturn from Taurus made inconjunction with Pluto in Sagittarius. Today, in 2017, Saturn and Uranus make trine. Now we have some opportunity to make balance between old and new. But, it’s interesting how progressed Asc of Trump is close to 26 º Libra, where was Hitler’s rising too, and from 26 ºLibra we have inconjunction with 26 º Taurus (Algol).

My country, Serbia, has Uranus at 27 º  Leo, Pluto (the ruler of Asc in Scorpio) at 26 º Taurus (Algol) and axis of lunar nodes of 13 º  Aquarius /13 º  Leo, plus Mars at 12 º Leo! When NATO bombed Serbia, in 1999, after eclipses in 1998, I was not astrologer, yet, now I understand all. The last news in medias is this: NATO is about to get sued by Serbia for using depleted uranium when it illegally bombed the crap out of Yugoslavia (my country) in 1999. During 2017 solar arc Moon of Serbia is at 26 º Taurus (Algol) at Pluto in chart of Serbia, and secondary progressed Moon of Serbia during august 2017 is going to cross over 14 º - 15 º Aquarius, which moves 15 º Leo (degree which I link with Serbia). Right now, Serbia is on its way to be part of Europen Union in the time ahead, and one of plan maybe that Serbia becomes member of NATO too, but it may be so big challenge for my country if we take on mind that NATO is about to get sued by Serbia. Time ahead, will show us... 
  Serbia Gets Its First Female, and First Openly Gay, Premier

In the mean time (June 2017), Serbia got for the first time in history woman as Primer (Ana Brnabić), and she does not hide-she is a lesbian, this is so radical for the  Balkans and Serbia, but in the other hand, it is so fitting in the picture of Algol -woman with transformed sexual energy. Her main aim is to make Serbia part of EU. In the other hand, having Solar Arc Moon at Algol, conjunction Pluton, may speak about some murder too, just like in myth...

"Avatar degree"

At the end, we should add that each 15º of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is known in astrology as the so-called "Avatar degree", as it forms 45º (semi-square) with 0º of each cardinal sign (0º Aries, 0º Cancer, 0º Libra, 0º Capricorn). These are very challenging and "sensitive" degrees in the Zodiac (15º of fixed signs), which is why it is no wonder that Poland is precisely located at 15º Aquarius, having in mind that it has always been some sort of a “buffer zone” between Russia and the West...     

About Poland and 15 Aquarius, you can read more if you click on this link - Poland and 15 Aquarius


Note added on 3rd February 2018- On 16th January 2018, just before New Moon in Capricorn, after crossing over Pluto - there was a murder in Kosovo, the most important Serbian leader in Kosovo, Oliver Ivanović, was killed (Solar Arc Moon of Serbia at Algol, conjunction Pluto). At the same time, we have to notice that Pluto is going to make soon first oppostion with the Sun a 20º Cancer 58' in the horoscope of Serbia.  That will be the big challenge for Serbia...

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