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Split and 15º Capricorn Originally published: May 01st, 2015 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Split and 15º Capricorn
Originally published: May 01st, 2015 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Central 15th degree of any sign is called "the royal degree," because it is located in the centre of the sign. Although Dalmatia is linked to the sign of Leo (pride, dignity, strong ego that often can lead in the wrong direction), the most important city in Dalmatia, Split, within the Zodiac "vibrates" at 15 degree of Capricorn! This place in the Zodiac was known as the degree of Jupiter’s fall, as well as the Philosopher's Stone.

Split and my purpose...

My first touch with Split occurred at the time of my Solar Return in 2015. At the very moment of the Solar Return I found myself in the Jupiter Temple. It was followed by meditation for the Jupiter chakra ("Third Eye", our sixth energy centre located at 29º Cancer, which is the cusp of my 9 house - my purpose, my future life). For me, Split has a special energy in the spiritual sense, it is the place where I find myself in some sort of internal alignment, since the Moon in my horoscope is positioned across the zodiac, at 15 º   Cancer, the degree of  Jupiter exaltation. All this conjuncts my Venus at 16º Pisces 52’', with the fixed star Ahernar (from the constellation Eridanus) which is very spiritual by nature, and that contributes that in this city I enjoy, I feel pleasure, since it solves the opposition 15º  Cancer / 15º Capricorn. Without a doubt, Split is so important for me in a spiritual sense, it is a place where I can easily make contact with my future life, “my future ME“!

As I've never felt myself like I "keep" my parents inside, since the axis 15º Cancer / 15º Capricorn is very important for me. In fact, when my father died (on 06th April 1996) Jupiter was at 15º Capricorn, while on the day of my mother's death, 06th September 2013, Jupiter was opposite, at 15º Cancer. I could say that my parents took me on this trip, all with meaning and purpose. Finally, the dates of their deaths is associated with the symbolism of Jupiter chakra - both died on the sixth day in month! Split is essential for my spiritual growth. 

I fell in love with Split, and its famous restaurant Lvxor at Peristel became my favourite place. After three months, I found myself again in Split where I gave a public lecture about Croatia with a special emphasis on Split and 15º Capricorn.(April, 2015-my secondary Moon was at my natal Pluto). 

Why is Split 15 º Capricorn?

- Since Split is famous for being once part of the Roman Empire, the horoscope of Ancient Rome ("The Book of World Horoscopes" by Nicholas Campion) was my starting point. The lecture was held on April 26th, 2015 and, as tertiary progressions can describe an event to the level of two days, I looked at the tertiary position of the Moon for that day. As you can see, tertiary Moon (moves 1 degree for 2 days) was found precisely at 15º Capricorn (the degree of Jupiter’s fall). On the other hand, tertiary Sun (moves 1 degree for 1 month) was found at 29º Cancer ("Third Eye," Jupiter chakra).

- Then, in the horoscope of the modern Republic of Croatia I have found Neptune (essential significator for sea) just at 15º Capricorn! Croatian coast is big, so not each place at the Croatian coast can be assigned to the central degree of one’s sign. However, we can put Split there, because it is a very important place, a place known for its famous Diocletian's palace, the place where all around is in stone, which certainly fits the picture of 15º Capricorn (Capricorn-stone). At 15º Capricorn all what represents the symbolism of Jupiter (religion, acceptance of new knowledge) is weak. It is interesting that Diocletian was against Christians, what fits this symbolism of 15º Capricorn. Also, this is an image of the emperor who "fell" - it is known that Diocletian had taken his own life. On the other hand, the mentality of Split is such that people there feel like strongly oppose knowledge - I will tell you one example: When we asked our travel guide to stay with us in the Jupiter Temple and perform Jupiter meditation together, he "escaped”. Then I felt the strong influence of religion, the Catholic Church. Of course, I said to myself, this will take time, years, and centuries (since all this is the symbolism of Capricorn) until they become more open...

- Emperor Diocletian was born on 22th December 244, and then the Solar Arc Sun (Sun - emperor) of Ancient Rome was at 15º Capricorn!

- A group of Croatian students on February 13rd 1911 in one pub in Prague (Czech Republic) founded the famous Split football club "Hajduk". "Hajduk" is a great love and pride of Split, and how locals say "a matter of life and death." Tertiary Moon of Ancient Rome on those days was passing exactly over 15º Capricorn!

- While Croatia was part of Yugoslavia, Split was the host of Mediterian games. If we look at the secondary Ascendent of Yugoslavia ("The Book of Serbian horoscope", Branka Stamenković) we see that it is at 29º Cancer ("Third Eye," Jupiter chakra).

Potential of 15º Capricorn and 29º Cancer

- Degree of Jupiter’s fall - "Philosopher's Stone", here lives an old, ancient knowledge, here lives an old stone, which is certainly the image of Diocletian's Palace

- This is all the symbolism of Jupiter who is not strong, and consequently religious (Jupiter), but it takes time, years, centuries (Capricorn) to reduce the influence of religion...

- Diocletian was a "persecutor of Christians".

- At 29º Cancer the two lights are connecting: Moon (the ruler of Cancer) and the Sun (the ruler of Leo). This is a very powerful spiritual place, a place that gives us a special insight, if we change beliefs ("Third Eye"), and allow ourselves to see "further", look to the future. From 29º Cancer "vibrates" Netherlands (more about this you can read in my text "Netherlands and 29ºof Cancer"), a country that is very modern, open, and the country that "see further". This is where meditation is achieved with the help of many. The future of Split should be turned in that direction, to attract tourists through various spiritual programs, yoga, meditation, etc. Changing beliefs is a basic task here, and while this is achieved, then the circumstances can change too.

 Time of deep changes

The seventh Uranus-Pluto square from March 17th 2015 over 15º Aries / 15º Capricorn "opened" the door for a change...

Solar Eclipse from January 06th 2019 at 15º Capricorn (Split) will be some kind of introduction before 2020 when the Moon (Croatian people, a woman) in the Solar Arc directions horoscope of modern Croatia will come at 15º Capricorn (Split).

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović (who is current President of Croatia) during 2019/2020 will have Neptune in the Solar Arc directions at 15º Capricorn (in natal she has it on the MC). This will be the time of presidential elections in Croatia. Neptune is the symbol of oil, and it is possible that Croatia becomes interesting to the West, particularly for the United States from this point of view. Looking at the horoscope of Croatia we can see Mercury retrograde at 13º Cancer (the Sun of USA), while the Croatian Sun is very close to Venus (finance) of the United States. All this is in opposition to Neptune (the sea) with 15º Capricorn (Split), but this opposition is resolved by Pluto (deep underground in the sea), at 17º Scorpio, from 12 (sea).

My next touch with Split was during August 2015. This was the  time of Venus retrograde in Leo, which  made a "lower conjunction" with the Sun at 21º-22º Leo, at the point where this year is my Moon in the Solar Arc directions. It’s intersting,  I was there with my older sister. She has her South Node (past) at 21º Leo, where is my midpoint of the Moon and Saturn. So, it was very karmic time, for both of us,becuse, my Asc is at 21º Scorpio, and her Moon is at 21º Aquarius. I will never forget Split... 

Public lecture, April 26th 2015, Hotel Dalmina, Split (Croatia)

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