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The Third Temple and Jupiter/Uranus great conjunction on 21st April 2024 Red heifers from Texas Published: 15th April, 2024 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić ISAR CAP


The Third Temple and Jupiter/Uranus great conjunction on 21st April 2024

Red heifers from Texas

Published: 15th April, 2024 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić ISAR CAP


The Temple Mount and Israel Faithful Movement, more commonly known simply as the Temple Mount Faithful, is an extremist Orthodox Jewish movement, based in Jerusalem, whose goal is to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and re-institute the practice of ritual sacrifice. The movement was founded by former Israel Defense Forces officer and Middle Eastern studies lecturer Gershon Salomon.Members of the movement are referred to as the "Temple Mount Faithful". The group was established in 1967. On 8 October 1990, seventeen Palestinians were killed and over 100 others injured by Israeli Border Police in the 1990 Temple Mount riots triggered by an announcement by the Temple Mount Faithful that they were going to lay a cornerstone for a Third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem


If we cast the chart for 8th October 1990, 10h30min, Jerusalem (Israel), we can see MC at 29° Virgo. At 29° Virgo, there is going to be transit Moon on 21st April 2024 (5:08:44, Jerusalem) when we are going to have the great Jupiter/Uranus conjuction in Taurus. The last one in Taurus was in 1941, on 7th May, and it was at 25° Taurus (conjunct fixed star Algol) where during 2024 Iran Islamic Republic has its progressed Sun. Algol always bring blood, war, murders. Justice for one side-is not the justice for other side, that’s what Algol speaks about. During 1941, secondary progressed Venus (blood) of Franklin D Roosvelt (president of the US who took his 3rd term on 20th January 1941) was at 19 ° Aries too!





To show you how all what The Temple Mount Movement spreads – I will cast for you the chart of The Bibilical Creation of the World (source is The Book of World Horsocopes, Nicholas Campion)

In this chart, you can see the Sun (man) at 29 ° Virgo!!! When Jupiter and Uranus meet soon, on 21st April 2024, transit Moon is going to be where? I told you above-it will be at 29 ° Virgo!!! Let’s see more, in this chart you can see transit Moon at 19 ° Virgo!!! When first Covid-19 vaccine  (Pfzer) was given, in December 2020, in the UK, transit Moon was exactly at 19 ° Virgo too!!!  

 Interesting, but the current US President, Joe Biden, has his MC at 19 ° Virgo, and progressed Sun (President) of the US during 2024 is going to be at 19 ° Pisces, in the favour of Biden, and in the favour of The Bibilical Creation of the World horoscope. Like Biden’s administration, through the last global pandemic C-19, tried  to ’launched’ all what is now coming on the surface – ’the creation of new man’ through ’global immunisation’, and ofcourse, Isarel is involved...  

Also,it is important Biden's Solar Arc axis of lunar nodes is going to be hitted with Jupiter/Uranus conjunction too!  The big lesson is coming for his Soul!

Do you know figure the point? It was all planned in advance and it was all in the favour of creation of the ’new world order’, where one man is going to show up and to be present as new religous leader. We may now think even this-what was the plan behind lock down, global panic, vaccionation, etc? And Israel was one of the example where vaccination was very hign in percents, isn’t it?!




I must tell you that I’ve mapped modern Turkey at 29 ° Virgo too, so it will be interesting to see is Turkey going to join, for we are speaking about Muslim country. Probably, it will join too...Turkey has in its horoscope the Moon’s placement (nation) at 29 ° Virgo, which ’calling out’ 29 ° Virgo (with square), and its Solar Arc axis Asc/Desc is over 19 ° Libra/19 ° Aries, with its Solar Arc Mars at 19 ° Capricorn, squaring 19 ° Aries. 



Where 3rd Temple should be?

 It should be at the same place where is today Al-Aqsa Mosque.

  It was built during the reign of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan. He came on throne on 12th April 685. Tranist Moon was at 19 ° Aries, at Sun’s exaltation degree (which was the solar eclipse point on 8th April 2024), transit Sun  was at 22 Aries (where was the cazimi, inferior, conjunction of Rx Mercury  and the Sun on 11/12 th April 2024). At 19 ° Aries we have an image of the greatest one in the world, so, if Pope John Paul II died in April 2005 when we had the same solar eclipse, now we can expect that new ’Pope’ (be free to read it new Messiah) is going to come?! The influence of this eclipse is 4 and a half years, for eclipse lasted 4,5min.So in 4 and a half years ahead, we may expect the new Messiah is going to be launched. At 22 ° Aries, we have the star Baten Caitos (belly of the whale, Cetus constellation), which speaks about being trapped within big water (this star was activated when we had Titanic for example), being trapped in addictions , depression, migrations, as well as  spiritual growth after overcome trauma. Whenever RxMercury makes its inferior conjunction with the Sun we have an image of this – ’In the Heart of the King’, so, here we have the support of someone who is literally the king (the most important global leader, as well as the most important religious leader).Also, every inferior conjunction easy leads into death, ’cause the meeting of these two  planets always happens under the ecvator (read in the Underworld), so the death of someone very important may colour this period too. 



For example, the founder of DAVOS, Klaus Schwab (chart set up without time, so we put 12pm), was born with Uranus in Taurus also, it was placed at 11 ° Taurus, with Mars at 12 ° Taurus and he alread got his ’wound’ around end of December 2021, after there was the 3rd Saturn/Uranus square over 11 ° Aquarius/11 ° Taurus. Moreover, he was born with weak Venus (blood) in Aries (head) at 22 ° Aries, where the inferior conjunction of Rx Mercury and the Sun was happend on 11/12 April 2024, so, we may dare to say that rumors about his health – may be true. This man may be in challening life time. Moreover, his South Node is at 27 ° Taurus, very close with Algol, both, Jupiter as well as Uranus will cross over that spot. But, the most important thing is his Neptune at 19° Virgo, conjunct Biden’s MC, and the Moon in the moment when first Pfzer was given and the Moon from the chart of The Bibilical Creation of the world. His Solar Arc Chiron just came at 19 ° Virgo too, so indeed, he may live challening time right  now.